Monday, December 9, 2013

N Terraria mod got updated.

After remaking the mod for a few months, i finally released it.
Anyone who wish to know more about it or even get the mod, remember of having Terraria first, then install the mod.
Find my mod at the link:

Have fun.

Ps:. To those who read the entire main thread, if you get on the game right now on the latest update, will notice that some features are missing.
The mod revamp is still under dev, so, i am adding slowly the features, just be patient.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Second Quest got update

Second Quest, the Idle RPG i made got a update today.
  • HP Potions are in, character may find a merchant randomly, where he'll buy pots, and the character will use the potions when nearly fainting.
  • Bosses are in too, they give 4 times more reward, but are hard to be put down, they are rarer than the chance of finding a merchant.
  • You can now add custom monster names to the randomly found monsters, just edit mobdb.txt contents, add a new line with a name for monster name.
Change Log 2
  • Bosses less impossible.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Was been working on a new game

Currently, i found an spriter that wants to work on a rpg project too, we are working now on a topdown action game.

Not much can be revealed right now, but stay tunned for info about development.

Well, no longer working on it due to second party member's idleness...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Current Status

To the few of those who are still lookng this blog for news:

  • I'm not working at any game right now, all projects were cancelled.
  • I am working at the remake of my Terraria mod. N Terraria.
  • I don't know if i should revamp Tamers Network Reborn, or rework it, or even rebuild the game.
  • I don't know also which project i should work on now.
  • All i know is, i want to make a open world game, that gives you freedom to go where ever you want, quite like TNR world system.
  • I am planning to change to flash, instead of programing on visual studio, using C#, but i got trolled when trying to learn how to work on it.
That's all right now.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The end of Tamers Network Reborn

Hey guys, due to low acceptance of Tamers Network Reborn, i'll stop working on the game, and go on other game project.
I think that i need a group of players to be able to work on such game, also...
The game does not seems so 100% as i expected...

By the way, as i said, i'll work on another game project, i have 3 projects under listing, one of them is Eiderals, another one is Maked Up Quest, and i think that's all at the moment.

Also, i'm working on my old mod, N Terraria, recently, if you are a Terraria player, drop by the page of my mod, if you want to turn your Terraria into a leveling roleplaying game.

See ya.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

TNR news moved to it's indie db page

I decided to unarchive the game on indie db, so the news of tnr have been moved to here :

Have fun.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TNR Today's Patchnote

Update Released. Aswell as these fixes.

* Battle
*- You can now battle monsters when wandering on a wild map, sorry for the bug.
*- BattleNET FranklySaying had it's nickname changed due to kekshausian's complainment.

Update can be got here:

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thinking about company name

I'm thinking that the best thing to do, is i think about a company name, to gives the peoples the idea of who to search to find more of my games.

After thinking about a name, i'll need a site, but the good news is that i know where i can make one for free.

Until next news.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tamers Network Reborn mega wip version launched!

This version is no longer disponible, since a new version is under development.

I'm out of idea of feature to the game, also, i have no testers latelly to help me on the features,
so i think that is a good idea if you guys help-me implement cool stuffs on the game.

Since this is a mega wip version, you may notice that there's some things missing or
the maps are empty or vague.

 But this version also gives you a voice of helping me continue the game, and make that your adventure
on it, alone or with friends, be more exciting and amazing aswell.

On this mega wip version, there is a event happening on it, monsters have a small chance of looting "Ticket of Experience", these tickets can be redeemed by experience on the npcs that are looking for it.

Kekshausen and Piatuba have npcs, but Piatuba actually is more populated.
Multiplayer is in,you can open a dedicated server,or even host the game when in-game.
Duel and Trade options aren't avaliable yet.
A few quests are on the game.
Some maps are barelly finished, but after some Kekshausen fields starts having repeated monsters.
A few monsters have a good number of skills on their lists.
Portuguese map does not exists yet.
Don't close the game by the game window,close by the console!

Any questions, just write, suggestions? Write aswell. Bugs? Report. Critics? Report aswell.
Updated link, this one is up to date.

Bug Fixe
*5th August 2013
*-Fixed hairstyle issue
*-Deactivated close button on the game,to avoid bug.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mega WIP release coming soon

Since will take tooooooons of days to release the game with all of it's stuffs in,i'll do a mega wip release of the game.
Those who want to afford the game,sorry,it's free.
The download links will cost R$0,00 so you can play for free for ever,or until get bored.

But this version also will be to encourage peoples to report suggestions on how to make the game better,or even to update the mob db.

By the way,i'm trying to work on some multiplayer interaction,like call to party,call to duel or call to trade.

Well,until next news.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dedicated server coming soon to TNR

If you think that the image above,is i showing the server and the client working,then you are RIGHT!
TNR now have a dedicated server,aswell as will have soon the features of making guilds that will be server only.
But by the way,this server window is quite dull,do you guys have ideas of cool stuffs to add on it?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monsters and Item Storage are in

Monsters and item storages are on the game at the moment,i'll need to add buttons to scroll the list up and down,or just 6 items will be shown on the lists.

Currently,it look's like this the monster storage list.
As you may notice,i CAN'T store my last monster,so it will stay on the character.
There is a total of 300 monsters and items that can be stored on the storage.
but i believe you guys will take good care of the storage.

Well,until next news.

Monday, July 22, 2013

BattleNET assistant,storage and save location

Today i were working on monster storage on Tamers Network Reborn.
Since i know that you guys will not only have 6 monsters of option,i added a stash when the game was on the beggining of the dev.
But only now i added it's feature ingame,and is quite useable.
You may share,swap or even store any monster,but you must keep at least one with your character since you will be 100% defenseless when moving to some other town.

As well as stashing,have came the BattleNET assistant,they will be found at the town,they will help you with saving respawn location,or to check up your storages,be kind to them.
By the way,opening storage on the future will have a fee,but it will not be so high,so no worry.

Well,that's all for today's news,tomorrow i'll work on item storage system.
Also,what do you think about having a training zone for new tamers?
Maybe their new partners could get level 5 there.

I'm open to suggestions.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The wanderer npcs,the scare,and the curiosity.

After a long time without posting teasers with photos,i decided to show some of my progress at the moment.
With Terraria 1.2 coming soon,i keep practicing on Terraria for when the update comes,and i forget sometimes of the deving,but i still alive and the project too,beside the scare....

And talking about the scare...
A few days ago,i were working on some systems,also on some save game stuffs,i didn't had the chance of debugging the game.
Today,i was trying to debug the game,then the game load was taking longer than should,and when the player reachs the map,the game stutts for 3 frames and then freeze,turning unresponsible.
I started to think "Damnation!How this could happen?How i will tell the players what happened to the game?",then i got the backup,it had the load problems,i fixed them by remaking the debug save,well...
There were no bugs,was up to date,and it seems that there's no more thing to bother about,it means that i can still continue working on the project.

Now about the Wanderer Npcs.
Beside Nickless,this wanderer npc does nothing at the moment.
Soon it will walk through fields to reach towns or dungeons,at least that's my initial plan,as well as capture monsters,or join party with other tamers,monsters or players.
Wanderer NPCs may be threated by various ways,like a friend,like a walking civilian,or even as someone to battle against.
But one thing is sure,you will not be alone even on single player.

 And to the curiosity...
Do you know what a tamer's monsters do when their tamer dies(does not means your character may die or something like that)?
They roam around the world,if you be nice with them,or confort,they may like you and join your party,that's also part of my plan to the Wanderer NPCs.

Also,since some peoples likes to make dedicated servers,if someday i do dedicated servers,what do you guys think about guilds and town controlling?
And more,Guilds will be server bound,as well as Town Controlling stuffs,but i may think on a way of checking if the guild actually exists on the server,in case the administrator disbands.

Stay tunned and keep track of the updates of TNR.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The launch of a minigame,and review of end of the day.

After i posted the message that my mouse were broken,i wen't to the living room to watch some tv,then i started playing with a program of scripting in c# that i downloaded yesterday on my celphone(C# Shell,look on google play).
I did on it a little idle rpg game,that you can leave turned on while you are doing what ever you want.
The game is a simple console window,that once opened,the character will look for battle,then keep killing the enemies it finds to get exp until reachs level 100.And all actions happens with a second of delay.
But beware,not everytime the character will win the battle.

You can download the minigame here:
Google Drive:

Also,my mouse started acting like "i'll click when ever i want",then passed to "i will take a little break,shake-me to make-me work again".

The situation is now resolved,my mouse were replaced by a brick another mouse that is a bit bigger than the other i were using,without counting that it's quite sticky.
Well,at least is better than nothing,and i can be back to deving as soon as possible,or at least tomorrow,because now is my spree time.

Well,until next news,and i hope you guys like that little Idle RPG.

Current progress on TNR,or half...

Well,i've been trying to implement wandering npcs to the game,but after some messings,the game started stuttering once it loaded the map.
The stuttering was so horrible,that looked like as i was playing cubeworld on this pc.
I tried to fix the problem,but couldn't,then i discounted all my rage against my mouse,that randomly scrolls or double click.
The mouse deserved the hit,but as consequence,i can't work so much on the project and i got angry,and even more angry with the help of my brother.
When i calm down,i'll work again on TNR.
I had to pickup the most recent TNR backup,so,time to work on all these stuffs again later.

Also,do you think that npcs should be saved separatelly?
Beside being good for the autosaves of player,it is bad because anyone can wipe it.

By the way,'till next update.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Slow progress today,but at least...

Edit:.No longer posting news on Indie DB because they are too fresh about news formatting.

Today i've been working on recipes,and at the moment,there are 57 craftable items ingame.
I nerfed their crafting time,because no one will,for example,wait 1 hour and 10 minutes to finish crafting a two handed sword.

So,their crafting time were reduced to 10 minutes,tons of time better eh?
Also,i've been arguing with the tester yesterday,and i think that a good idea is that if you win a battle,the crafting time is discounted according ot the fierceness of the monsters your party fought.
In other words,party craft is nice!

Todavia,when the jobs system comes,where you can change on what your character will work on,
the requisited level to craft a item the class is good on will be reduced,for example:.
You want to smelt a Copper Ore to turn into Copper Bar.
To do a Copper Bar,you need Tamer level 5.
As a Blacksmith or some other class that smelt,the requisited level goes to 1.

Ah,i also added a new NPC to Piatuba Field 5,you can troll him because he does not speak propperly,but remember that he is a warrior,and his will EVER attack your party when he asks for battle.

Well,for today's progress,that's all.
Also,the image i put there is a teaser of a future feature the game will have.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tamers Network Reborn on Indie DB

Well,it's a indie game isn't?
Check out the game page here :
Edit:.Updates on TNR will be found at it's page on indie db,see you there.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A hundred items on TNR.

Well guys,after adding tons of white weapons on the game,i finally reached the mark of 100 items!
And to mark the item 100,i added on it's ID the Lapis Lazuli Ring,that increases the player luck in 10.Oh yeah!
A good diversity of Daggers,Swords,Two Handed Swords,Sabers,Rapiers,Shortswords,Axes and Battle Axes were included to the game,as well as new Bows.
Later i'll have to add Hammers and other items,and then continue to add the game contents.
Until next update.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some progress on TNR,or half,but Eiderals had new systems

Well guys,today i quite worked more on Eiderals,because i wanted to make the game have some more systems,but first,let-me talk about TNR.

On TNR,i added the Birthstones as items(See wikipedia for infos),these stones shall give benefits to the holder,depending on the month,or if the current month is the month that the player character have been raised at,still undecided how it will work.

These jewels also have such a interesting price,when sold on the market.

Also,i added new weapons to the game,a few number of daggers,swords and another item that i forgot were added,but need crafting recipe/place to be sold at/monster or map that loots it.

Now about Eiderals,after doing various lines of scripting,i made the weapons attacks faster,to match the game type,made monsters harder,fixed a few bugs that made the player's status futile,added the basic and WIP leveling,and finally,added a boss.

I have made him hard like...Shoot 3 bullets at the same time,dealing 7 of damage per hit (At level 1,max health is 17),fast shoot speed,and have such a high def.

Then i remember that not everyone is good at dodging,or have skills for dealing with him(neither i had),then started the session nerf,reduced it's shots to 1,reduced damage,increased cooldown between each shoot and reduced the defense.

I called the old mod tester robflop to see what he thinks of the current state of the game.
I could kill the boss with each 3 of the different kinds of weapons disponible on the gamebut my tester still said to nerf the boss because is too hard...

Well,i reduced a bit the boss damage,and then pranked  him,added 3 of the same boss on the same stage on his test version,you should have seem the way he wrote what he found on the new update,hahaha.I was just kidding,well,at least i think that the combat on Eiderals will be a mark of Challenge and Cooperation.
Well,that's all for today's update.
Until next update,and byyyyyyyyeeee.

Friday, July 5, 2013

A talent day

Today i worked on Talents,making them,and also putting them to action,but tomorrow i'll have to finish them up and also add their tree of unlocking.
Currently,i added 41 Talents that the players may spent points at,including the language talents,but depending on the talents you try to max out,you may only have 15~20 talents full filled.
Each talent will benefit you on your quest by some way,but i'm in doubt if i should or not add talents about defense/attack against other players and other for npcs,or add talents for defense/attack against other tamers(including npcs and players).
Well,this is the end of today's teaser,until next teaser.

Conditions to release the game

Hey guys,i may release the game sooner than you guys thought,but to not leave you guys on a big empty world,better i do some things first.
The tasks i have to do i will mark them once they are completed.
  • Finish adding the other monsters skills and it's effects. (44 skills at the moment,but 3 of all monsters with more than a skill disponible)
  • Add new items.Mostly as loot,craft stuff or must haves. (108 items atm)
  • Put npcs on towns,to not make the place so dull. (Town names marked have a considerable number of npcs. Piatuba, Kekshausen, Las Playas, Liontooth Town, ???)
  • Queeeeeeeests.... (8/50 quests atm)
  • Increase number of monsters,to not make all maps have the same monsters. (Maps from kekshausen and above have repeated monsters,but different levels).
  • Put some more craftable stuff on the game. (57 recipes atm)
  • Add at least a dungeon on each town. (Only Piatuba have a dungeon,and is unfinished)
  • Create Portuguese town and it's fields. (Name suggestions please?)
  • Optional : Den of the monster lords (Battle the fierce boss,and win a emblem)
  • Optional : Wandering NPCs (The battlers and party members will never be stopped waiting for you) 
  • Optional : Musics to the maps.
So far,these are the conditions that i need to release the game.
But one thing is sure,i need to finish first the talents system first,to then be able to work on these things.
See ya later,donate a monster today,and tomorrow you shall have a new game on your list. :D

Obs:.Ignore these objectives,i sometimes threat tasks as quests,but you can see my progress through here.

Talents,you are special!

At each Tamer level on Tamers Network Reborn,you will receive a talent point,that may be used on any talent,if it is unlocked at the moment.
Talents may give you and your tamed monsters some boosts,or even help on your quest,like increasing the luck.
Since the tax of having bad luck on the game is so random...*Cough*
Not all talents will be unlocked at first,some of them will require that you put some points on other status,before you can increase it's points,so,pay attention at it.

Well,i'll do something to make the talents not be all the same as the other player talents.
So,you may plan your own route of trainer with your own features.
Until next news.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Another update on Main Menu

Now,it is possible to create character,delete an existing character,or even customize an character that is being created.
Here is the photo of the character creation screen,very minimalist,but i think i can make it be quite animated later.
You will have to click on these < or > buttons to change the values of the default character colors.
There will have vanity gears on the game later,but at the moment,this is a really great progress.
Stay tunned for other Tamer Network Reborn news.

Edit:.And the random function works.
Everything to you create your own char,or chars,because there are currently 27 slots disponible for characters.
But the most clever player will only need one.

Current Work?Main menu!

I am working a the moment on Main Menu,making it quite cool on visual,and by the way,interesting about acessibility.
So,this number of save slots is good for you?
I think that later i'll add a option of adding passwords to save games,in case the game is run on a lan house,what may not happen,or to someone that have problems of privacy about their games.
Also,the colors of the text on the menu keep changing,so,no worry about having a background with some unreadable color.
And about the backgrounds,i made something interesting about it.
These backgrounds are from the battle mode,they quite look's good on the main menu,isn't?
By the way,do not bother about the version number,it shall be changed in case the beta comes,but i don't know if the beta will come soon,but i'm sure that will be sooner than you thought,because i found a cool radio to listen while program,and the boredoom level has fall,meaning that i can work more on the project.

By the way,if you are a compositor of music,you may apply some music to the game.Every map have it's own playlist,but the playlists are currently empty,meaning that there's no background music at the moment.
Let's change this frame before the beta? ;D

Edit: Let's see what you got!
Edit2:The above image of the slots was all messed due to a bug,but here is a image without bug.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Spotlight]Lion Tooth Town

Since the beggining,there were only one field of Lion Tooth Mountains,but with the maps on dev,there were coming more maps,and after Las Playas were released,Lion Tooth Town were made as well,with it's 7 fields.

Lion Tooth Town is the british town,that is surrounded by mountains,but it keeps growing day by day.
There are tons of houses around the towns,as well as a little lake that is nearby it,the peoples on this town are happy,but they keep trying to avoid the maze to the mansion on the lower part of the town,because rumors says that it's haunted.
This mansion is currently unocuppied,but soon it shall be a dungeon,peoples that lives in Lion Tooth Town says that bellow the maze,there's a hostile area that is a giant maze itself,and only those who are really brave shall venture through it(Still to be made).

Well,are you willing to explore what Lion Tooth have to offer to you?

Problems with stylish on Tamers Network Reborn

Hey guys,the progress is quite slow latelly,one of the problems is that i'm trying to figure how i will make the characters hairstyles,and i believe that i will be stuck on this for much time.
Since a world isn't only populated by mans,womans npcs should exist too.

So,this post is to explain part of the problems i'm having on TNR deving.
Also,latelly i'm out of ideas,even npcs ideas,if you guys wanna suggest quests or npcs,i'll be reading and adding them onto the game,also,the game needs a british town.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Guess what's new on Eiderals?

Some progress on Eiderals

Today i were working a bit more on Eiderals,to make at least the game have a character,and attack animation.
This is the result.
I have reworked a bit the collisions of the character,because due to the sprite not being 64 pixels tall anymore,there were a hop bunny glitch happening.
By the way,time to work on the creatures and later on the world map,and then npcs.
See ya later.
Also,i didn't abandoned Tamers Network Reborn.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some progress on Eiderals and it's infos.

Today i weren't in the mood to work on Tamers Network Reborn,so i tried to fix the collision issues with Eiderals.And did it.

Eiderals is a project i started have some time,but did slow progress since then,it's a continuation version of a project i did have some time ago(maybe 3 or 5 years).
The game will be a platformer dungeon cleaning game,with tons of stages,full of enemies,and every stage at it's end,probably will have a boss.
The ancient version of the project required you to use the weapon you mostly preffer,because of the build,but this shall end now.
The weapons shall turn into items,there shall have more quests and stages at town,and also what every dungeon must have,loot!
Currently,this is the actual progress of Eiderals,stay tunned for more news about this shortly on dev game.
See ya

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Featuring features,npcs and quests.

Last days i were working on npcs,to add a few more life to the game.
I added a quest on Piatuba that specially features the mail system,players may rage with the quest,because unless it's finished...Well...
By the way,some advanced quest scripting shall now work on the game,like for example make a little cinematic of the player and a npc talking,then some other npc enters the door,or even fade in and fade out effect.

Also,later i'll have to take a look at the quests,and make a exp calculator,so every quest in the game shall give a fair reward to the player,even if the quest is relativelly easy.

And continuing,i wonder the possibility of letting the game have modding using the plugins system,metioned before.
I wonder if i could use .dll files as something to the mods being loaded,so c# programmers may create their own mod,but the bad is that normal players will not be able to make their own changes.

And to finish this topic,i will start working on Kekshausen,thanks to Trude(Shopkeeper of the town),quests that are to sell some stuffs on certain town,or nation's shop,are now able to be made.
She will give you a quest,that if you complete,she will start selling cookies to you.

Until next news.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Slow progress today,but great stuff.

Today i've been working on making the npcs be updated,EVEN if you are not on the map they are at.
What it means is,if for example an idiot is running around at the town,this means that he will keep track of it's movement while you are away.

This may sound like a stupid feature,but is not,my plan is even bigger.
The plan is to make the npcs be basically global,so i can be able to make them have an AI,and wander around,like if they were some other tamer or etc.

Also,i added the lycanthropy status on the game,at fullmoon nights,werewolves monsters shall appear when you wander around.
On being attacked,there's a chance of contracting the werewolf infection,if you do not remove it in 5 minutes...Well,at least you shall not need to give him orders.

See ya on next news.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In-game have cool stuffs,and when i'm off game?

Some peoples not necessarily are playing the game while it is open,it happens sometimes on some games,depending of their features.

My idea is like that now,make that the game have a compact mode,for when you are not exactly playing,so,you can care of your monsters,chat with other players(if on a server),or even use the game plugins(upcoming feature(all i need to finish is start it)) without the xna engine wasting most of your resources or ever other stuff of the game.

But on what it can benefit you?
Well,it can make you get some friendship with your partners by feeding them propperly,or even check up the party status,chatting with other players(if you are on a server),your own market opened on town with your own stuffs being sold,set a group of monsters to go level up on some field while you are afk,tell your partners to gather items while you craft other stuffs,or etc.

For example:.You want to play a game,what ever game you want,but you must craft...For example...5 Apple Pies,you can turn on compact mode,then task it to craft the 5 Apple Pies while you play the game you were wanting to.

And no,this does not means that you must have TNR open 24/7 on your pc,you may leave it open whenever you want,you can even close the game.

Well,this is my idea for the compact mode,but what cool features you guys would like to see on TNR compact mode?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Performance news,finishing interface,and smarter quest objective finder

Well,i made some cool stuff on the game.
I am running at the moment,a 3d game that is kinda average to the pc,while i debug the game.
The fps kept on 60,but the dialogues of the game had a small delay to load.

Ah,and a thing,threaded stuffs like dialogues will have a small delay to load if it's having lag.
I try to wonder what effect it may have on battle mode,but if it slowdown the battle,i think i know how i'll fix this issue.

By the way.i made the quest searching a bit more direct,using lists again,instead of making a lot of stuff to see which maps are suitable,and giving 3 tries of finding the map,the list will gather all suitable maps,and then will get a random map on the list of capable maps,but there is a thing,if there is no capable map,it will return to the current map that the player is at.

Ah,and another thing,i'm finishing up the interface of the game,i am trying to make the menus be less pokémon like,to make it more....RPGish,if you understand.
Also,i made the windows change their color like the "now loading" image,that appear when opening dialogue,or when the game tries to make up some random quest.

Here is a little teaser of my current progress,don't mind the color,it keeps changing,but i'm too lazy to take another photo without it open.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

More news about Npcs and features

Well,i started working today,on a system that will save all the npcs in the world,to make them get scaled their levels according to their victories and defeats.
If everything goes well,you may even be able to call some npcs to party with later.
But at the moment,let's discuss some AI things.

NPCs now,at least the Weapon and Armor sellers of Piatuba,can only sell stuffs for you from 9 am to 9 pm,
because they also wan't to sleep and stuff.
Later,they will have an Path Finding AI to go to the place they wan't,for example,at 9 pm go to the chair,sit down a bit,and at 10pm go to the bed,to sleep.
Beside that news be bad,i plan on adding a nocturnal vendor on every town,they sell completelly,or half different stuffs,but also,their break time will be at day,instead of night.Are they bats?I don't know,but it's a good idea.

By the way,here's the photo of Amanda and Rogério Vasconcelos sleeping on bed.
Ah,their eyes does not close when sleeping,i'm thinking on a way of making they show their eyes closed.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sleepy News : Bedtime Tales

Good night everyone(beside being 14:55 here).
Well,everyone know that something everyone deserves is a good night of sleep,right?
That's why i added a function to the beds,as well.
When sleeping at the bed,beside your character sometimes change it's direction(like if were sleeping),
his partners recover their health,and when the health is full,they get some extra exp through sleeping.
Also,your tamer get some exp too through sleeping,but don't be so lazy.
I plan on adding buffs and debuffs for sleeping,like for example...
If you sleep for sometime until all partners are healed,all the team gets a buff of well slept.
But if stay so much time on the bed...They may get the debuff Lazyness.
Beside the eyes being shown opened,and the bug on Rocko's health,he is sleeping,and will only stop sleeping once i make him leave the bed,but not right now,it's the ciesta time.
See ya later.
Also,Beds will be utile for recovering the monsters from getting fatigued,since they can sleep too,but i still have to wonder how it will work,but by the way,the system needs to be made too.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Choose a Color...I mean...Chat!

Various chat kinds,with it's different functions.
Try to guess what these chat types does.
Obs:.I'll be working again on finishing the game contents,but by the way,i had an awesomium idea.
When the game grow up,after having players,i'll implement a system to recognize the text words and then change the spritebatch to the one that have that word collection.
Is such a good plan,isn't? for help in dev

Well guys, since i'm a dev, and also a people in this world, i'll need money for living issues, ya know...
But the game will be free, so, i will add some links on some links, to get some money through the views.

Well, 'till next news.
Also, i'm working on new monsters.

Edit:. The only motivation i have is know that the players are having fun, i just noticed that since my mod. And latelly were only usefull to know how many players are playing my games.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sorry Canada,you'll be re-added later...

Well guys,i had to replace Canada from the list of countries on my game,by the Spain.
Spanish players will spawn on a town named "Las Playas",that is at west of Kekshausen(German Town).
There is a paradisiac place with a large beach,a few houses,and also,new plots.

Beside the map being added,there is still too much work to be done...
By the way,now,if i wanna launch the beta,i'll need a few new monsters,interligate brazilian towns to the other towns through fields,create dungeons for the new towns,and create the britanic town,and also,populate the towns with NPCs.

'Till then...Just wait and post a few new monsters.

Ah,also,thanks to a site,i could get the nations flags,and shrink them to fit on the player and monsters nation flags.
That was because the spanish flag made-me look and say "IT'S HOPELESS TO TRY TO SKETCH THIS!".
But by the way,the flags seems to be working.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And threading news...

Beside the bad news i told a while ago,now i can tell you guys a good news.
The problem of lag on chat and battle is now gone,thanks to my smart brother.
So good to have a handsome brother...
Btw,we were discussing,and maybe an early release is a good deal,but before that,i'll need to work out on some features,and add population to the game.

Slow work,low will...

At the moment,i'm working on making the menu items be more organized,and more windowed than it's supposed to be.
You can check it there.
I am starting to think that i'll not be able to keep this project up,because i'm not getting enough motivation,and my tester got really uninterested on the game.
Also,the lack of monster donations is one of the causes of it,so,i don't know yet,but i believe that this game may end up dead if that continue.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New maps,and misteries

Yesterday i added some new maps to Tamers Network Reborn,just 4 at the moment,or 6...
Well,All of these maps are now in Kekshausen,they will expand the player's quest,and also
some structures on them may suggest that someone lives there.
For example,what about these houses?
Certainly some monsters shall live here,but i believe they will not be agressive.

See ya on the next news.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Not a so well update...

Because of no recent donation of monsters,i decided that i'll have to release the game earlier than should...
But that early may not be "THAT" early,may take time,but...
The game shall not come as everyone thought.

But,the good news is that the game shall still be free.
But also,i'll have to find a way of making money through it,certainly ads as suggested before,
but i'm kinda lost about this,but i'll search for that later,when i be about to release the game.

Also,#share the game,and tell your friends about it,and about the monster donation post,they may
help-me populate the game with monsters to turn your quest less dejavu.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Out of ideas for features...So...Better add contents

Well guys,after adding a few new features to the game,like interface adjustment with based on the screen resolution(buggy),tamer exp be shared,the automatic quest monsters founder,emotes on chat,players level and leveling,and a new quest,that you can see the npc on one of the images,and also the Battle NET member,Vale.
 BattleNET Vale being herself.
 Bluey prices are prices that can benefit you,and reddier ones are ones that can cause help you waste your bytes.
Emotes added

Well,now,what the game needs is some more contents,like quests,items,monsters,maps,and etc.
I need also to make a new town,well,quest issues,also,start using a notepad to write the npcs dialogues.

By the way,let's talk about player leveling?
Player Leveling will make your player level,depending of what he's doing,for example,you get a share of exp by winning battles,or by exp share on party,doing quests,or even crafting(on the future).
At every level,you gain a trait point,these points can be exchanged by habilities,that works as passive(or not).
For example,you can learn a trait that gives 1 of exp at every second(depending of it's level),or a trait that the monsters offensive shall be better.

Also,i plan on adding jobs,you will need to do tests to then be able to learn a job.
A job will provide your tamer benefits and buffs,without counting that may help you on your quest because of it's speciality,but let's discuss that later,when i remove the idea from the paper.

And this was today's teaser,see ya later.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Off topic,or not

Today i taken the day to help the current modder of N Terraria by adding some features on the mod,and fixing some bugs,mostly i messed up with npplayers,because i love that system.
But by the way,i hope that on the future,the multiplayer work again on 99%,because nothing is 100%.

By the way,i shall work on my game as soon as i get my hands empty.It may be in 1 or 2 days.
'Till then,see ya.I just hope that my game won't be released unfinished,or most players will get bored quickly,because of lack of content...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Slow week

This week i haven't been working so much on my project,but,i tried to add a few new things.

For example,when starting a battle,there is a chance of appearing a Zombie monster on the battle.

It's attacks inflicts the zombie virus effect on the target,that lasts until the end of the battle.
While the effect is on,the infected monster will get bleeding effect at every turn.
If the target monster faints in battle,he will rise as a. zombie,and will atrack anyone,friend or foe.
But,there will have a way of reverting that issue,and also,per turn of battle,there is a chance of the zombie monster regain consciousness,and listen again to your orders.
And to finish this creepy update,i'll make later,zombie monsters get damaged when exposed to the sun.
By the way,they only have a chance of spawning at night,by a small chance,on some of the monsters.

And now,let's talk about Battle NET.

No,not the Blizzard's online game service.
Let'me explain.

Battle NET is a organization that administrates all the battles that happens on Tamers Network overworld.
If you duel against a npc or player,Battle NET will be responsible about broadcasting your victory or defeat,by example.

When you start playing,a member of Battle NET will call you to teach you the basics,and give you quests.
But...Is Battle NET a good corporation?Let's discover during the main quest.

This finishs the little progress report,also,if you notice errors on the postage,is because i wrote it through my celphone.

Well,see ya.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Little update part 2: The return of the battle

Well,i'm glad to say that now,when choosing a action,the game will no longer pause to wait your action.
But the game will still pause if you choose any button on the battle options.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

FPS Cap and Full screen!Hell yeah!

Amazing how it works eh?I just figured today how to cap fps and make full screen works a bit.
The result?Just see bellow.
Beside the fps be 2 frames less than the desired...It's working!
Also,on full screen,the game will no longer turn into a ferrari.
Ah,and say farewell to the rain checker.It will not be there soon.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little updates

Yesterday and today i was working on some things.
I added the first floor of the Videira Cavern,that is a dungeon that is found at the south-west of Piatuba town.
And added 2 new monsters,and a unreleased boss.
The monsters are,the Peeping Eye,that may paralize targets when staring at.
And the Libra,that can balance the target's status,to the greatest or smallest status.

By the way,you may help expanding Tamers Network progress,by donating monsters to the game,
just go to this topic and donate a monster.

Also,with the new monsters,i will be able add new fields,dungeons,cities,and etc.
It just depends on the number of monsters.

And about the mod that i was about to update....
The N Terraria mod,i am not updating it again,because i were basically working alone,
and i don't wanna to give others the credits by what i do,so,i leaved the mod intact.

Stay tunned for other news.

Edit:Well,whould be too terrible to leave without posting a teaser.
 I smoothened the mountains and the sea,right now you can only see the sea,but the mountains you will be able to see later.
Also,some new fields have come too.But i need to find a way of implementing fields until reach Kekshausen.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wait!Now is the time to we talk!

Today's progress is cool,now Tamers Network Reborn have chatting system.
Players can use local chat,party chat,global chat,map chat,or even whisper chat!
Also,i made an script that is on alpha yet on the party system,of loot sharing.
If the party is sharing the loot,there's a chance of the game send your loot to other party member that is on the same map.

Ah,but the chat was kinda boring with all the texts in white,so,i had to put a few colors on it.
Also,today,i and the tester were playing on party.
We found various kinds of bugs,and every of them were fixed,including the bug that the player bits whould be -30000.
Also,as you may notice,you can put any name to your party,but by the way,the party name must not be the same as one of the partys existing in the world.
So,one party with that name may exist in the world.

By the way,today the testing was kinda fun,too bad that i couldn't test the chat system with the tester...
But i debugged it through localhost.

Well,see ya on the next news.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today's update,GOAT RAVE PARTY!

Welcome friends of Tamers Network Reborn,
now i'm telling you guys that the party system,with invitation,is working!
Right now,you can't leave the party,once you got in,but i'll fix that later,and i'll explain why.

Today i had a terrilous bug(what ever terrilous mean(Spiral Knights influence eh?)),
i discovered that the new players couldn't see other players on The Same SERVER!
Can you believe that?
But no worry,i put some special script,to MAKE sure that the player WILL appear on the server
if the requested player id DOESN'T exists.

By the way,at the moment,on the party system,your players can share Exp and Bits(Game currency),by
the battles they won,depending on how many players are on the party,and will only share with those who are on the same map as you.

Well,the quest for the successfull party system is just starting,the quest of Nakano is just in the beggining.
Will Nakano ends the quest?Will the game get finished before 2014?Will i eat pizza this year?
Don't miss the next episode of Tamers Network ON DEV!!!!

Ah,no spoiler photo today,you guys may be already bored of seeying the same photo all the time,to know what changed,just imagine the previous party teaser with new players on the list XD.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Party system and TNR XD news

Hey guys,i made the party system work,for that,i had to do a thing.
I had to make the windows system and make the input system work.
The result?
The following window may be moved around and also may have custom script inside.

Isn't it awesome?By the way,the window is a bit too....well...some of the text is still oversized,but at least,WORKED!
I'll work on it just a bit more and then test the news with the tester.

See ya 'till next news.

Input and spaceship inva...err...raining and clouds.

Hey guys,time to another little teaser.
At the moment,i'm working on the input system.
Since the input systems on the web seems VERY complicated,then i made one by the N way.
It's working fine,but as oak says,there's a long way to go...or not...
By the way...

I took shots of a spaceship invasion...err...the raining system on the battle mode of Tamers Network.
Beside being quite...Weird,at least it's raining,isn't it?
And later i'll be back with another news.Or some bizarre news.

Edit:And by the way,since my last backup,the game got more 15 mb O.o!
Also,the dev quest i added,will come on the game release,i made some changes on it,and everyone that find the der...err..the quest npc,will be able to do it.

Edit2:Working at the moment on interfacing,later,i'll add a system to suport plugins on the game.

Friday, April 12, 2013

He is back...But for something new.

Well,the weird npc is back,but now,i'm using him to test something else...
What whould it be...?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's raining!

"Water is falling with the rain...
At the rail~rail~rain..."
Well,beside the "duh" music,rain is now a event on Tamers Network Reborn.
But beware tamers,your partners may get Flu while exposed to the rain,and let's say that flu is an annoying disease,that will even affect your monster on the higher levels.
By the way,there will have ways to prevent the flu.
One example?Consult your doctor,the other?I don't know,hehe.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hunting on party is even better.

Well guys,on Tamers Network Reborn,i'm working at the moment,on party system,where you can have up to...4 players on the team,and if you stay on the same map as the other players,you'll get part of the reward the player got.
Currently,the system will be like this...

The total battle reward will be shared with the party.
For example,if counting you,the party have 3 players,and you got 150 Exp,everyone will get 50 exp.
But i plan too,on letting other players and you be able to join the same battle,but i am still thinking how i'll do it.
So,wonder how big the battle can be when you get higher levels.

Little update on multiplayer

Today,it seems like i fixed a bug caused by wrong messages being received,and making the game recognize any message that comes,as the player nickname.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Urgent Update

I have urgent news!

I have been called by the Eletronic Farts,to do a partnership and put some ads in-game,
check out how it's in-game now.
It's not intrusive,and will give us some money,by the way,when i signed the contract,they said i should work for 20 hours per day,and get 5% of the money i get,it's fair,isn't it?

Also,there's a teaser of the new combat system here,take a look.

This is the final boss fight,be ready to prepare your party.

Also,to the third news,i added a new quest to the game.
Equistáquio Tosquera is asking you to give him some Apple Pie.
 But if you give him some Pie Crust....
Well,be sure to not give him pie crusts.

By the way,these are the news,and happy 1st April!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Minor update today

Today i'm feeling brighty,i made the crafting system of the players and partners work on 75%(no keyboard/joystick commands yet),and i made the players be able to "have a seat",in other words,they can sit down on chairs,if there's a table,by the way.
Beside not looking like as sitdown,it's a great thing have a few social features on the game,for example,after sometime,you can go to a pub to chat with your friends,while sitdown on a table.

I'm looking forward about doing new updates.

Also,i plan on adding epic monsters,that you will be able to defeat them if you have friends or npcs helping you on battle,because the battle will be long and hard.

Stay tunned for other news about Tamers Network Reborn.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New hairstyles coming from the oven

"After deciding that oven isn't used only for making food or turn iron into iron ingots,our hero tries to
do some hair styles using a oven and..." STOP!

This is the stupidiest thing i could write on a news.

New hair styles,coming soon,some of the npcs had a few changes on clothes color and on hair style,
an example is this npc right here.

Ah,and changed the initial city of Brazil "Piatuba",the heck eh?
Couldn't find a better name,if i find,i'll try to rename the town,but i hope it happens before release or open beta...hehehe....

By the way,back to sketching,oh yeah!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ka-ching update

Time to capitalism,all the bytes you get on the fields is no more futile.
They can be used to sell or buy things on town.

But there is a thing.
As you can see on the teaser,each item may be cheaper or expensive,according to how wanted it is.
But also,if you try to sell something that the shop keeper already have,the item price will lower in 50%.
Soon,you will be able to buy some spices from one town,to sell them on other town,and get some profit through it.
Not only you,by the way,your friends will be able too.

See ya on the next teaser/news.

Welcome to Kekshausen

Kekshausen is the first German town created in Tamers Network.
Maden with the help of a frenetic german player,the town have too much to offer.
Beside being empty at the moment.
 It's residential area is big,tons of peoples lives here,and live happily day by day and night by night,having party everyday.
 At the center,have the healing spots,and areas where the citizens does his partys,everyday here is like a holiday,basically.
And up the town,is the future dungeon,that will be opened later,and brave tamers may look inside in search of loots and fortunes,even levels you may find inside.

I hope this little tour through Kekshausen have made you excited,wait until the British,Canadese and Portuguese town news for another little teaser about them.

See ya later.

House and Portals,go and come!

House and portals added.Yay!
The portal is the blue spiral thing,but if there's a house nearby it,it will turn into a door,or,if there's a mountain nearby it,will turn into a cave door.

Furnituring it will be very simple as you see,by the way,the bed does not seems like a bed...

Btw,on the future i plan on letting the players create their own quarters,if i didn't told you guys that before.
You'll be able to furnish it,and will be utile for visits,or profit,since you can open a shop on it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sup multiplayer?

I made the multiplayer works well with hamachi,and i and the tester were online on the server.
Beside the weird ai npc chasing our characters,we could at least try to move the character online.
And more,the latency was very small.

Here a photo of the gameplay.

By the way,he said he got a crash during the battle,i'll have to investigate what's up,also,i have some work to do,like making the Test NPC stop being a douche.

By the way,'till next news.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Little update,Great feature

Well,just to tell you guys,that i made the multiplayer work,
beside it was needing only a small fry of while(0 == 0)...
By the way,now multiplayer is working well,and all i need to do is script features to it.
But i don't know yet if npcs have to be client side or server side....

Errr....Pixel art?

Well...I tried to do my first hair sprite...
And check out the result.
The npc shows the hair in another dimension.
Now,if you guys put the pitchforks down,i'll be very pleased...
At least,the hair style script and sketching is working well.

Obs:.Ah,yes,on the top-left part of the screen,you can see a new feature.
Recent announcement,system infos,or battle status will be shown there.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Some update...

Development day X,because i'm not counting.

Today i implemented Shoes and Hair options.
At least the default shoe was easy to script,beside i not know if i should make it be drawn in front or not of the pants.
Also,i implemented hair option,and made sure that there will have enough space to draw the hair,
the problem is that i don't know where to start on it,and how i'll do the hair textures,but i'll have to try by the way.
Sigh...But i wonder that if i tell my tester about that news,he will wan't to do a miku like hair style...
By the way,these are the news.

And i just does not post photo of it,because i made test with a while head sprite,so,peoples that played slender may get afraid of it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today i tried to sketch the characters,i had the help of a tester on this,
he were guiding me if the sprite was or not looking weird.
After doing the sprite,i made some clothes,to the character not be...nude.
So,check out how it ended up.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey NPCs,why should you guys be unbeaten?

Today i am working at Tamers Network Reborn,at the moment.
I started programming the game,fixing some bugs and adding a few features,
but i were kinda bored,then,thanks for my brother,
he put some music to play on his pc,and made-me get happy again to script the game.

I am working at the moment,on a way of random encounters and other battles happen with town npcs too.
Beside some npcs have no partners,some of them will be able to defend theirselves during their quests,or defend their town/spot.

If i keep that up,soon,you may be able to find npcs adventurers on the game,or wanderer monsters party,that you can socialize with,or even call them to your team.

But in parts,i'm kinda disapointed with the comunity.
I am letting you guys help-me build the game,just by suggesting new monsters to it,so i may be able to add new areas and others.
But i believe also that you guys does not thrust me,so,later i'll have to prove what my game is capable of.

Well,see ya on the next teaser.

Ah,one thing,it's kinda vague at the moment,in various ways,but,at least is a beggining.
This is the initial skill of the Doggy Fighter,but if you see it in action,you will be lucky,but if it's your foe...
Then you are in problems.
Yes,skills level up,make them deal most damage/healing and they will get exp and level up.

By the way,should skills mana cost grow according to the level?

Friday, March 15, 2013

A few status updates...

Well,on my project,i made the battle system,at least almost of it's functions works,without the intereference of Console.

By the way,i was working on npcs today,and i made an annoying npc,that keeps chasing you at the City of Viagem,and when you talk to him,he asks you if you are the player with the name that is shown,if you say yes,he rewards you with 3 apples.

But the fun part is,i wanna see the face of my tester when he see that.

And sorry,no image today... : (

But soon i may have some.

See ya later.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My progress so far with the battle system

Well,after admiring the button moving for 8 days straight (Calm down,i'm just joking about this...),
i decided to work on the battle system,and it seems like i am already learning.
So far,i made the Attack and Skill command work well at the moment,but i am still working on the other things.
Also,Rackel is a new monster,is the female version of the monster Rocko,that is a pugilist dog you may get as starter on Brazilian country.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I and a tester of my project,have got addicted by this menu roll script,on the
monster information checker.
Because of that,i recently added a sound,that make's *Click* when you scroll the menu *.*