Monday, April 15, 2013

Input and spaceship inva...err...raining and clouds.

Hey guys,time to another little teaser.
At the moment,i'm working on the input system.
Since the input systems on the web seems VERY complicated,then i made one by the N way.
It's working fine,but as oak says,there's a long way to go...or not...
By the way...

I took shots of a spaceship invasion...err...the raining system on the battle mode of Tamers Network.
Beside being quite...Weird,at least it's raining,isn't it?
And later i'll be back with another news.Or some bizarre news.

Edit:And by the way,since my last backup,the game got more 15 mb O.o!
Also,the dev quest i added,will come on the game release,i made some changes on it,and everyone that find the der...err..the quest npc,will be able to do it.

Edit2:Working at the moment on interfacing,later,i'll add a system to suport plugins on the game.

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