Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little updates

Yesterday and today i was working on some things.
I added the first floor of the Videira Cavern,that is a dungeon that is found at the south-west of Piatuba town.
And added 2 new monsters,and a unreleased boss.
The monsters are,the Peeping Eye,that may paralize targets when staring at.
And the Libra,that can balance the target's status,to the greatest or smallest status.

By the way,you may help expanding Tamers Network progress,by donating monsters to the game,
just go to this topic and donate a monster.

Also,with the new monsters,i will be able add new fields,dungeons,cities,and etc.
It just depends on the number of monsters.

And about the mod that i was about to update....
The N Terraria mod,i am not updating it again,because i were basically working alone,
and i don't wanna to give others the credits by what i do,so,i leaved the mod intact.

Stay tunned for other news.

Edit:Well,whould be too terrible to leave without posting a teaser.
 I smoothened the mountains and the sea,right now you can only see the sea,but the mountains you will be able to see later.
Also,some new fields have come too.But i need to find a way of implementing fields until reach Kekshausen.

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