Monday, April 1, 2013

Urgent Update

I have urgent news!

I have been called by the Eletronic Farts,to do a partnership and put some ads in-game,
check out how it's in-game now.
It's not intrusive,and will give us some money,by the way,when i signed the contract,they said i should work for 20 hours per day,and get 5% of the money i get,it's fair,isn't it?

Also,there's a teaser of the new combat system here,take a look.

This is the final boss fight,be ready to prepare your party.

Also,to the third news,i added a new quest to the game.
Equistáquio Tosquera is asking you to give him some Apple Pie.
 But if you give him some Pie Crust....
Well,be sure to not give him pie crusts.

By the way,these are the news,and happy 1st April!

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