Monday, July 22, 2013

BattleNET assistant,storage and save location

Today i were working on monster storage on Tamers Network Reborn.
Since i know that you guys will not only have 6 monsters of option,i added a stash when the game was on the beggining of the dev.
But only now i added it's feature ingame,and is quite useable.
You may share,swap or even store any monster,but you must keep at least one with your character since you will be 100% defenseless when moving to some other town.

As well as stashing,have came the BattleNET assistant,they will be found at the town,they will help you with saving respawn location,or to check up your storages,be kind to them.
By the way,opening storage on the future will have a fee,but it will not be so high,so no worry.

Well,that's all for today's news,tomorrow i'll work on item storage system.
Also,what do you think about having a training zone for new tamers?
Maybe their new partners could get level 5 there.

I'm open to suggestions.

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