Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Silverlight game making try...

I were trying to work on a silverlight game, as an alternative to flash, since it's paid, i begun the project trying to make a character be drawn on the screen, and i succeeded to do that.
The project were doing quite well, beside the several times i had to use google to discover how to make the program do some things.
After some time, i decided to use the city generator i made once on a XNA project to then make an randomly generated town rpg.

Were planning on doing great things on it, even found a way of arraying the tiles on the screen without many issues, then i got blocked by a fps issue...

It seems like Microsoft Silverlight is slow, so, render a map of 32x32 in a 640x480 game window is something heavy for it.

I have looked for some work arounds to fix the issue of the fps, that were capping at 14, after some work arounds, fps went to 22, but that is no great.

Then, i decided that the best thing to do is get back to XNA and work on a game that features a randomly generated city.

Well, i'm off to play something, let's hope my attempt on XNA works, better i gather some ideas for my next project, hehe.

This is the image of what i achieved on Silverlight.

See ya on the next news.

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