Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Everything's fine for a fine day.

Hey yo guys, i'm in good mood right now and for a good reason, why ? You will know.

First:. Fixed the issue on TNR where the Console Window opened would cause the game to freeze weirdly upon closing from Game/Server window.

Second: Alongside the above, i merged Client and Server into a XNA project, instead of just a Console project, meaning that i do not need the content creator project to put contents into the game, meaning that will be faster to add contents.

Third: I'm planning next month's event on N Terraria, i'm still gathering ideas but either way...

Fourth: Planning on adding an Festival on N Terraria, name, events and date to happen are still up to come, but might happen somewhere in November.

Also, alongside this news, i guess i'll take down the download links of Tamers Network Reborn so i can work on it and amaze players when it's done.

Have fun :D

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