Monday, March 2, 2015

Battle System and Npc Dialogue System

Time to work on the Battle system on Tamers Network Reborn, but before I do that, I will need to do some planning on how the battle system will work.
I'll no longer use the old abs system, since it does not makes sense based on other game version.

But I will need to make it on a way so when the combatant graphics is implemented, the animations will work correctly without causing problems to the game.

Also, I were working on npc dialogue system, the system works quite well but, there are a few input lag issues when trying to move to another dialogue option or select it, beside I think that it is caused by another program hogging part of the computer cpu (Was with another game opened while testing), plus I am not very sure that it will work very well on multiplayer.

But after I implement multiplayer, I really should see if it will work correctly.
I kind of dislike the dialogue interface right now, I think that I will change it to something more compact and casual later.

Also, It seems like opening dialogue to npcs does not cause negative impact to the game, neither the fps dropped from 60 when I were testing it.

Well, that is all for today's news, until next news, give-me a word if there is something that needs to be changed.

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