Saturday, November 14, 2015

Little revamp on New Tamers Network Reborn

Well, I doubt anyone even missed news about my project, but anyway, better I tell the news.

I made a little revamp on the entire game, to make it a bit more stable and better looking.

To begin with, I made the game run without the need of a fps capper, but funny enough,
the game still runs at 60 fps even without the capper, is it because of my monitor?

I changed how the controls will work on the game, so they does not clunk on the way,
or have diversificated defects (like were happening on the previous news about the dialogue, if I even told about that).
Now the controls are more universal, plus they are responsive.

And, I were working for some time on multiplayer for the game, but due to problems, I had to stop working on it for a while and focus on other areas of the game, but either way, multiplayer will come anytime soon, neither on my Terraria mod I were able to fully understand how were made the multiplayer system.

The dialogue window have received a revamp, you will notice a huge difference if you look at older news and the newest ones, the dialogue box is now way cooler, and does not have a huge and boring font (in my opnion), plus made the options from the menu be less messy and have their own part on the interface, as you can see on the screenshot.

Also, the npc above I made to test a new dialogue function, where using strings and two dots between the texts, I could make a dialogue where some of the options can be hidden
due to certain requirements.

For example, on the dialogue above, the Dialogue Tester initially asks you which town are you at, the option saying that you are in Piatuba is initially disabled, and due to that you are
sent to the "I does not know" option, clicking "I does not know", makes the npc tells you the town name, and due to that, the npc asks again which town you are at, and then the option "This town is Piatuba" appears.

The infinity of things and dialogue branches this may lead to is demi infinite, but will be way more better than having to create several dialogues for different conditions (like happened to the old Armor and Weapon vendors in Piatuba, there were two option menues defined for when they are with shop opened or not).

Well, that's all the news for now, stay tunned for more.

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