Sunday, September 25, 2016

TNR, More stability reports on Dialogues system

Since nobody showed up interest on Splitscreen support on the project,
I've dropped it and loaded the project from the backup.

I were testing a few days ago the dialogues system, until I noticed that a new
dialogue glitch were happening, I were able to fix the issue, and until now, the
testings didn't showed up any bugs like dialogue things disappearing, neither
softlocks. The dialogue issues were so intense, that even monsters who were
victim of the action were getting softlock.

Also talking about dialogues, I've changed the way the game will check wether
the text will fit the dialogue window, to avoid crashes and instabilities,
the system is working so good, that I believe I can add extras to it, but
I guess I should add that later.

Also, I've stopped the world war that were happening in the game, where one monster
were attacking the other that were nearby, beside were funny, were also quite annoying
aswell, and made so an enemy will only attack the other when one monster in the team
is hungry. Currently, I did not programmed when the monsters will attack the player,
so I will need to think what reasons could lead them to attack the player, beside hunger.

That is all for today's TNR news.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

TNR, Splitscreen or not?

I've been working into adding Splitscreen support on TNR yesterday, and got the project
full bugged, which I intended to debug.

Today, I've questioned myself if one does cares or even uses splitscreen to play with a friend, so I have the question, do you want Splitscreen gameplay to be disponible in the project.

If I get enough people saying yes, I can try to debug it, and make it a permanent feature in the game, but if not... I will get the backup of the project and continue development from it, without the splitscreen support.

Well, come to you to decide if either splitscreen will or will not be a feature in the project.

Friday, September 16, 2016

New Tamers Network Reborn, what has changed latelly?

Well, time to resume what have changed in the project in all that time, at least in one post.

I've met a person who did the design of the monsters in the game, his nickname were MugoUrth:
His designs were so good that were accepted, he painted the first design, the Nature Porcupine. Which also allowed me to go deeper in the battle system.
After two weeks working on the battle system, I've made so it works with the new monster sprites.
After working some more time on the battle system, now it have some action menus, like fight, capture and run, the monsters can use skills that are animated differently in combat, and also you can catch the enemy monsters in battle (which the tip was right on the middle of this phrase).
Another thing that were also added in the game, is that monsters can be found in the fields, which can either initialiate battle against you, or you initiate battle against them, beside the factor which they start battle against the player is still wip.
That also allowed me to add minibosses in the field, which are quite tough for the players whose monsters are of around it's level.
I've made so almost skills in the game have the chance of inflicting a debuff, to make the battle a bit more realistic, since, for example, if you get scratched by a cat, you will bleed for some time, so does in the game, if your monster gets attacked by scratch attack, it will get a bleeding debuff that will reduce it's health gradually until it heals up.

I've also added a new menu which you can check things like inventory, mob rooster, and more.
I am also aiming at avoiding the project to have the need of using mouse to use the menus, so everything in the game, is controlled by the keyboard (or gamepad, if it gets support to).

You will be able to select what skills your monster will use in combat, you can only let it use up to 4 skills in combat, but you can change it on the skills window, beside one thing I wonder is if Passive skills should also be affected by that.

Another thing which I am quite dubious, is if the monsters level should be capped to the map level, to make the game more challenging to the player, beside this will not stop your progression on monster training, this will make the game be more challenging for you on each map.

Another thing that were added, is the Motherboard Room, what happens to a player, npc or monster that is defeated in combat?
It is teleported to a room, where the character must wait the cooldown in order to return to the game world, so this is one good reason to avoid losing in combat, right? But this is also one thing that needs your input about.

While working on the game window system, I've decided to do something silly, which added a new possibility to the project.
An mini game, which I called bit pong, made it using the window system, that handles monster window, inventory window and other things, which will also allow more things in the future.
 And for the last news recaps, outfits in the game can now have different coloring, with a palette of 16 colors in each r, g and b. Alongside the possibility of painting yourself the outfits.
Which also means that this is possible:
Pick one.

And... Alongside it, I added a status boost item in the game, which can be acquired quite early in the game, this battery. The best fact about it is that the battery can have multiple stacks of it in the inventory, even though it's an equipment.
Also, items like those may have an use in the future, but for now, that is it.

Includding that, if you want to have more than 4 inventory slots, you will need items like backpacks, or bags that will be acquireable in the game, so do not fill too much your inventory.

That is all for the recap, until next news.