Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What happened to Tamers Network Reborn Mega Wip version? You will find out here.

So, latelly I've recieved on this blog, a coment of a person asking what happened to the older version of TNR game, but due to a problem with Blogger, I've been unable to answer the comment, and since other people might have the same question, I'll post here the reason.

The reason why you can't get the mega wip version of TNR, is because I've pulled it down due to so many problems it brought with it, includding the infamous freeze on the system when trying to close the game, but on other hand, I've made the game from 0 again, not only fixed several issues, but also removed a few problems related to the script which could lead me to having problems, or even headaches when trying to modify the systems in the game on the future.

The new version is still in development, but right now, the development has been halted, well, not really halted, I'd say paused, I've programmed this project for long, and so I grew quite sick of it, so I'm taking some time off it to cool down, and trying to work on my other projects meanwhile (maybe sometime I'll talk about them when I get most of them working), and I have no graphical artist to work on the graphical parts of the game, the last one I had, disappeared from the thread of the project, and even on Terraria forums, I have no idea of what may have happened to him, beside knowing his situation, probably he really has a reason to be away, anyway, got only around 5 monster sprites for now, I even tried to sprite some new monsters to the game, but my skill into pixel art isn't really great, so I failed eventually.

Anyway, beside there are some things left to be added in the game, like the quest system, the game has got some new features aswell, like the different outfit coloring, aswell as customizing the outfit color, and a proper character creation screen, but there is still more to do on the project, multiplayer is no exception either, beside It's still a mystery how to make the multiplayer work, but what is life without mysteries to unfold?

Anyway, thank you for your interest in the project, and let's hope one day we see this game out so people from around the world can play together, and enjoy what It has to offer.

Until next time.

Edit:. As a side note, I believe were quite of a mistake of my part to release the game while It really didn't had much to offer, but It's quite nice to see that at least one person cared about it, so Thank you, whoever you are.

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