Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Choose a Color...I mean...Chat!

Various chat kinds,with it's different functions.
Try to guess what these chat types does.
Obs:.I'll be working again on finishing the game contents,but by the way,i had an awesomium idea.
When the game grow up,after having players,i'll implement a system to recognize the text words and then change the spritebatch to the one that have that word collection.
Is such a good plan,isn't? for help in dev

Well guys, since i'm a dev, and also a people in this world, i'll need money for living issues, ya know...
But the game will be free, so, i will add some links on some links, to get some money through the views.

Well, 'till next news.
Also, i'm working on new monsters.

Edit:. The only motivation i have is know that the players are having fun, i just noticed that since my mod. And latelly were only usefull to know how many players are playing my games.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sorry Canada,you'll be re-added later...

Well guys,i had to replace Canada from the list of countries on my game,by the Spain.
Spanish players will spawn on a town named "Las Playas",that is at west of Kekshausen(German Town).
There is a paradisiac place with a large beach,a few houses,and also,new plots.

Beside the map being added,there is still too much work to be done...
By the way,now,if i wanna launch the beta,i'll need a few new monsters,interligate brazilian towns to the other towns through fields,create dungeons for the new towns,and create the britanic town,and also,populate the towns with NPCs.

'Till then...Just wait and post a few new monsters.

Ah,also,thanks to a site,i could get the nations flags,and shrink them to fit on the player and monsters nation flags.
That was because the spanish flag made-me look and say "IT'S HOPELESS TO TRY TO SKETCH THIS!".
But by the way,the flags seems to be working.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And threading news...

Beside the bad news i told a while ago,now i can tell you guys a good news.
The problem of lag on chat and battle is now gone,thanks to my smart brother.
So good to have a handsome brother...
Btw,we were discussing,and maybe an early release is a good deal,but before that,i'll need to work out on some features,and add population to the game.

Slow work,low will...

At the moment,i'm working on making the menu items be more organized,and more windowed than it's supposed to be.
You can check it there.
I am starting to think that i'll not be able to keep this project up,because i'm not getting enough motivation,and my tester got really uninterested on the game.
Also,the lack of monster donations is one of the causes of it,so,i don't know yet,but i believe that this game may end up dead if that continue.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New maps,and misteries

Yesterday i added some new maps to Tamers Network Reborn,just 4 at the moment,or 6...
Well,All of these maps are now in Kekshausen,they will expand the player's quest,and also
some structures on them may suggest that someone lives there.
For example,what about these houses?
Certainly some monsters shall live here,but i believe they will not be agressive.

See ya on the next news.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Not a so well update...

Because of no recent donation of monsters,i decided that i'll have to release the game earlier than should...
But that early may not be "THAT" early,may take time,but...
The game shall not come as everyone thought.

But,the good news is that the game shall still be free.
But also,i'll have to find a way of making money through it,certainly ads as suggested before,
but i'm kinda lost about this,but i'll search for that later,when i be about to release the game.

Also,#share the game,and tell your friends about it,and about the monster donation post,they may
help-me populate the game with monsters to turn your quest less dejavu.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Out of ideas for features...So...Better add contents

Well guys,after adding a few new features to the game,like interface adjustment with based on the screen resolution(buggy),tamer exp be shared,the automatic quest monsters founder,emotes on chat,players level and leveling,and a new quest,that you can see the npc on one of the images,and also the Battle NET member,Vale.
 BattleNET Vale being herself.
 Bluey prices are prices that can benefit you,and reddier ones are ones that can cause help you waste your bytes.
Emotes added

Well,now,what the game needs is some more contents,like quests,items,monsters,maps,and etc.
I need also to make a new town,well,quest issues,also,start using a notepad to write the npcs dialogues.

By the way,let's talk about player leveling?
Player Leveling will make your player level,depending of what he's doing,for example,you get a share of exp by winning battles,or by exp share on party,doing quests,or even crafting(on the future).
At every level,you gain a trait point,these points can be exchanged by habilities,that works as passive(or not).
For example,you can learn a trait that gives 1 of exp at every second(depending of it's level),or a trait that the monsters offensive shall be better.

Also,i plan on adding jobs,you will need to do tests to then be able to learn a job.
A job will provide your tamer benefits and buffs,without counting that may help you on your quest because of it's speciality,but let's discuss that later,when i remove the idea from the paper.

And this was today's teaser,see ya later.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Off topic,or not

Today i taken the day to help the current modder of N Terraria by adding some features on the mod,and fixing some bugs,mostly i messed up with npplayers,because i love that system.
But by the way,i hope that on the future,the multiplayer work again on 99%,because nothing is 100%.

By the way,i shall work on my game as soon as i get my hands empty.It may be in 1 or 2 days.
'Till then,see ya.I just hope that my game won't be released unfinished,or most players will get bored quickly,because of lack of content...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Slow week

This week i haven't been working so much on my project,but,i tried to add a few new things.

For example,when starting a battle,there is a chance of appearing a Zombie monster on the battle.

It's attacks inflicts the zombie virus effect on the target,that lasts until the end of the battle.
While the effect is on,the infected monster will get bleeding effect at every turn.
If the target monster faints in battle,he will rise as a. zombie,and will atrack anyone,friend or foe.
But,there will have a way of reverting that issue,and also,per turn of battle,there is a chance of the zombie monster regain consciousness,and listen again to your orders.
And to finish this creepy update,i'll make later,zombie monsters get damaged when exposed to the sun.
By the way,they only have a chance of spawning at night,by a small chance,on some of the monsters.

And now,let's talk about Battle NET.

No,not the Blizzard's online game service.
Let'me explain.

Battle NET is a organization that administrates all the battles that happens on Tamers Network overworld.
If you duel against a npc or player,Battle NET will be responsible about broadcasting your victory or defeat,by example.

When you start playing,a member of Battle NET will call you to teach you the basics,and give you quests.
But...Is Battle NET a good corporation?Let's discover during the main quest.

This finishs the little progress report,also,if you notice errors on the postage,is because i wrote it through my celphone.

Well,see ya.