Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Out of ideas for features...So...Better add contents

Well guys,after adding a few new features to the game,like interface adjustment with based on the screen resolution(buggy),tamer exp be shared,the automatic quest monsters founder,emotes on chat,players level and leveling,and a new quest,that you can see the npc on one of the images,and also the Battle NET member,Vale.
 BattleNET Vale being herself.
 Bluey prices are prices that can benefit you,and reddier ones are ones that can cause help you waste your bytes.
Emotes added

Well,now,what the game needs is some more contents,like quests,items,monsters,maps,and etc.
I need also to make a new town,well,quest issues,also,start using a notepad to write the npcs dialogues.

By the way,let's talk about player leveling?
Player Leveling will make your player level,depending of what he's doing,for example,you get a share of exp by winning battles,or by exp share on party,doing quests,or even crafting(on the future).
At every level,you gain a trait point,these points can be exchanged by habilities,that works as passive(or not).
For example,you can learn a trait that gives 1 of exp at every second(depending of it's level),or a trait that the monsters offensive shall be better.

Also,i plan on adding jobs,you will need to do tests to then be able to learn a job.
A job will provide your tamer benefits and buffs,without counting that may help you on your quest because of it's speciality,but let's discuss that later,when i remove the idea from the paper.

And this was today's teaser,see ya later.

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