Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Featuring features,npcs and quests.

Last days i were working on npcs,to add a few more life to the game.
I added a quest on Piatuba that specially features the mail system,players may rage with the quest,because unless it's finished...Well...
By the way,some advanced quest scripting shall now work on the game,like for example make a little cinematic of the player and a npc talking,then some other npc enters the door,or even fade in and fade out effect.

Also,later i'll have to take a look at the quests,and make a exp calculator,so every quest in the game shall give a fair reward to the player,even if the quest is relativelly easy.

And continuing,i wonder the possibility of letting the game have modding using the plugins system,metioned before.
I wonder if i could use .dll files as something to the mods being loaded,so c# programmers may create their own mod,but the bad is that normal players will not be able to make their own changes.

And to finish this topic,i will start working on Kekshausen,thanks to Trude(Shopkeeper of the town),quests that are to sell some stuffs on certain town,or nation's shop,are now able to be made.
She will give you a quest,that if you complete,she will start selling cookies to you.

Until next news.

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