Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some progress on Eiderals and it's infos.

Today i weren't in the mood to work on Tamers Network Reborn,so i tried to fix the collision issues with Eiderals.And did it.

Eiderals is a project i started have some time,but did slow progress since then,it's a continuation version of a project i did have some time ago(maybe 3 or 5 years).
The game will be a platformer dungeon cleaning game,with tons of stages,full of enemies,and every stage at it's end,probably will have a boss.
The ancient version of the project required you to use the weapon you mostly preffer,because of the build,but this shall end now.
The weapons shall turn into items,there shall have more quests and stages at town,and also what every dungeon must have,loot!
Currently,this is the actual progress of Eiderals,stay tunned for more news about this shortly on dev game.
See ya

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