Monday, July 1, 2013

Current Work?Main menu!

I am working a the moment on Main Menu,making it quite cool on visual,and by the way,interesting about acessibility.
So,this number of save slots is good for you?
I think that later i'll add a option of adding passwords to save games,in case the game is run on a lan house,what may not happen,or to someone that have problems of privacy about their games.
Also,the colors of the text on the menu keep changing,so,no worry about having a background with some unreadable color.
And about the backgrounds,i made something interesting about it.
These backgrounds are from the battle mode,they quite look's good on the main menu,isn't?
By the way,do not bother about the version number,it shall be changed in case the beta comes,but i don't know if the beta will come soon,but i'm sure that will be sooner than you thought,because i found a cool radio to listen while program,and the boredoom level has fall,meaning that i can work more on the project.

By the way,if you are a compositor of music,you may apply some music to the game.Every map have it's own playlist,but the playlists are currently empty,meaning that there's no background music at the moment.
Let's change this frame before the beta? ;D

Edit: Let's see what you got!
Edit2:The above image of the slots was all messed due to a bug,but here is a image without bug.

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