Thursday, July 18, 2013

The wanderer npcs,the scare,and the curiosity.

After a long time without posting teasers with photos,i decided to show some of my progress at the moment.
With Terraria 1.2 coming soon,i keep practicing on Terraria for when the update comes,and i forget sometimes of the deving,but i still alive and the project too,beside the scare....

And talking about the scare...
A few days ago,i were working on some systems,also on some save game stuffs,i didn't had the chance of debugging the game.
Today,i was trying to debug the game,then the game load was taking longer than should,and when the player reachs the map,the game stutts for 3 frames and then freeze,turning unresponsible.
I started to think "Damnation!How this could happen?How i will tell the players what happened to the game?",then i got the backup,it had the load problems,i fixed them by remaking the debug save,well...
There were no bugs,was up to date,and it seems that there's no more thing to bother about,it means that i can still continue working on the project.

Now about the Wanderer Npcs.
Beside Nickless,this wanderer npc does nothing at the moment.
Soon it will walk through fields to reach towns or dungeons,at least that's my initial plan,as well as capture monsters,or join party with other tamers,monsters or players.
Wanderer NPCs may be threated by various ways,like a friend,like a walking civilian,or even as someone to battle against.
But one thing is sure,you will not be alone even on single player.

 And to the curiosity...
Do you know what a tamer's monsters do when their tamer dies(does not means your character may die or something like that)?
They roam around the world,if you be nice with them,or confort,they may like you and join your party,that's also part of my plan to the Wanderer NPCs.

Also,since some peoples likes to make dedicated servers,if someday i do dedicated servers,what do you guys think about guilds and town controlling?
And more,Guilds will be server bound,as well as Town Controlling stuffs,but i may think on a way of checking if the guild actually exists on the server,in case the administrator disbands.

Stay tunned and keep track of the updates of TNR.

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