Saturday, September 20, 2014

About the latest... Ausence...?

Latelly i were being really slow about development, mostly only did progress on N Terraria mod, adding new stuff and fixing bugs(Fml...).

Well, that's kinda of part of a Developer's job, right?

Then i'll try to post here some changes i made on projects.

The Park borders on my project, there is nothing inside, but i might add contents to it later.

On my Town Wanderer Project, i tried to make the game generate an park, but right now, it only generates the walls around it, once i realize what a park really have in it, and pass it to tiles, i'll implement the rest.
Aswell as made maps have random generated names as you can see on the image above.
Also, i had a plan about making the character head not be drawn exactly as part of the character body, so gives less problems to make the hair styles.
Aswell as i plan on adding enemies, weapons, stores, houses (yes, you may live in one) and other things to the game.

One of the implemented Hair Styles, could be better, right?

On Eiderals, fixed a few colision bugs and made the game a bit more opened in case of implementing new playable races, that barelly lead to new bugs, but i still need to squash them either way, also, i have an idea about the project.
I'm planning on making it's map be kinda open, and the dungeons be found occasionally on some maps.
Aswell as revamped a bit the AI of Enemies, but they still does not feels good.
Includding aswell that i made some hair styles, they does not look's that good right now, but they may be better soon.

Tamers Network? I didn't have worked on it latelly, but i plan on revamping it to not cause crashes or pc freezes upon closing it from the game window, aswell as i had an idea about revamping the battle system, to make it a bit more different.

Well, part of the blame of the slow development is because i were real bored latelly, but whatever, i hope development get better.

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