Wednesday, July 8, 2015

IdleWorld Updated

I made a few changes on the IdleWorld project.
Made the following changes:

* More Weapon types for the adventurers.
* New quest items.
* New equipments.
* Fixed issue with quests that would not recognize other monsters of the same type in the map.
* Fixed adventurers fighting monster counter.
* Changed how the luck count in battle works.
* Adventurers will now return to town once quest is complete.
* New map Affix and names for both town and wild areas.
* Your adventurers will no longer pause combat when out of stamina.
* Monsters now restores HP gradually when out of combat.
* Adventurers can now flee from tough battles when Frustration reaches a high level.
* Adventurers will look for teaming up with other adventurers when the battle is too hard for them.
* Added Orc and Goblin character types.
* Weapon and Armor now matter.
* No longer possible to restore health by weak enemy attacks.
* Quests requesting adventurers to defeat a boss now reward more coins.

You may download it here:

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