Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More 6 monsters added to the list

Thanks to some players,and also to myself on the other monsters,i could add 6 new monsters to the list.
Continue creating your monsters and posting.

Edit:Ok,the part of "Thanks to some players" was a lie,i just got some monsters from the old Tamers Network and added them ingame...

Welcome to the exploration mode

I did a revamp on the graphics,to make the game less uglee,when you play it.
And now i decided to launch a teaser of the map on the exploration mode.
Welcome to City of Viagem,one of the first towns of brazilian province on Tamers Network,
it's empty at the moment,but soon,i'll add npcs,and other things,like buildings,and other things.
Also,the sprites are based on Pokémon Silver,so,you may remember of the game while you look at the photo.

I could show you guys the player character atm,but i can't yet,since i still with the placeholder sprite,and didn't sketched yet the other sprites.
By the way,if someone had doubts about the game being only console based,now you see that you are wrong,it have a graphical gameplay,and a friend of mine incentivated me of making the game less console,and more...xna.

If you wanna help-me,no money needed or etc,all i need is that you spread to everyone,that i'm looking for monsters to my monster database.You can contribute too,so,do it while i keep making awesomeness.

See ya later with another exciting news.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey partner,may you craft this for me?

My cait sith is so handsome....
Since i'm tired about the Apple Pie cooking,better i let him do another one for me...Phew...

Let's cook a Apple pie?

Well,let's see what can i do here...
Hey,look!I can do a apple pie!
 Lucky that anticipated i got some wheats,flour and made a pie crust
Well,everything is ready to make the pie!Let's cook!
40 minutes to cook?
Well,i should have let one of my monsters craft this for me...
By the way,see ya in 40 minutes.
I'll do something else during that.
By the way,6 Apple Pie slices seems worth,isn't it?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hey,how tough my monster is?

And yes,the monsters,depending of where they were found,got,or catched,their nations will be according to the current map they got caught at.
Also,don't mind about the Loyalty,Hunger and Thristy status,they aren't workng yet.

Also,should new tamers start on a town or start on a desolate field a bit away from the town?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little teaser about equipments

The equipments at Tamers Network,will be only equipable by certain monsters,if they have any body part to use it.
For example,to use a sword,is mean't that the monster have a hand,so he can grab it,to use.

Also,depending of the weapon your monster uses,the attack will have a variation,for example.
If your monster is using a dagger,it may do between 1 to 3 hits on the enemy on the same turn.
And your monsters will also get some boosts on status,when wearing the weapons,that will be usefull on the tough battle.

That's all for today's teaser.