Sunday, March 31, 2013

Minor update today

Today i'm feeling brighty,i made the crafting system of the players and partners work on 75%(no keyboard/joystick commands yet),and i made the players be able to "have a seat",in other words,they can sit down on chairs,if there's a table,by the way.
Beside not looking like as sitdown,it's a great thing have a few social features on the game,for example,after sometime,you can go to a pub to chat with your friends,while sitdown on a table.

I'm looking forward about doing new updates.

Also,i plan on adding epic monsters,that you will be able to defeat them if you have friends or npcs helping you on battle,because the battle will be long and hard.

Stay tunned for other news about Tamers Network Reborn.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New hairstyles coming from the oven

"After deciding that oven isn't used only for making food or turn iron into iron ingots,our hero tries to
do some hair styles using a oven and..." STOP!

This is the stupidiest thing i could write on a news.

New hair styles,coming soon,some of the npcs had a few changes on clothes color and on hair style,
an example is this npc right here.

Ah,and changed the initial city of Brazil "Piatuba",the heck eh?
Couldn't find a better name,if i find,i'll try to rename the town,but i hope it happens before release or open beta...hehehe....

By the way,back to sketching,oh yeah!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ka-ching update

Time to capitalism,all the bytes you get on the fields is no more futile.
They can be used to sell or buy things on town.

But there is a thing.
As you can see on the teaser,each item may be cheaper or expensive,according to how wanted it is.
But also,if you try to sell something that the shop keeper already have,the item price will lower in 50%.
Soon,you will be able to buy some spices from one town,to sell them on other town,and get some profit through it.
Not only you,by the way,your friends will be able too.

See ya on the next teaser/news.

Welcome to Kekshausen

Kekshausen is the first German town created in Tamers Network.
Maden with the help of a frenetic german player,the town have too much to offer.
Beside being empty at the moment.
 It's residential area is big,tons of peoples lives here,and live happily day by day and night by night,having party everyday.
 At the center,have the healing spots,and areas where the citizens does his partys,everyday here is like a holiday,basically.
And up the town,is the future dungeon,that will be opened later,and brave tamers may look inside in search of loots and fortunes,even levels you may find inside.

I hope this little tour through Kekshausen have made you excited,wait until the British,Canadese and Portuguese town news for another little teaser about them.

See ya later.

House and Portals,go and come!

House and portals added.Yay!
The portal is the blue spiral thing,but if there's a house nearby it,it will turn into a door,or,if there's a mountain nearby it,will turn into a cave door.

Furnituring it will be very simple as you see,by the way,the bed does not seems like a bed...

Btw,on the future i plan on letting the players create their own quarters,if i didn't told you guys that before.
You'll be able to furnish it,and will be utile for visits,or profit,since you can open a shop on it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sup multiplayer?

I made the multiplayer works well with hamachi,and i and the tester were online on the server.
Beside the weird ai npc chasing our characters,we could at least try to move the character online.
And more,the latency was very small.

Here a photo of the gameplay.

By the way,he said he got a crash during the battle,i'll have to investigate what's up,also,i have some work to do,like making the Test NPC stop being a douche.

By the way,'till next news.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Little update,Great feature

Well,just to tell you guys,that i made the multiplayer work,
beside it was needing only a small fry of while(0 == 0)...
By the way,now multiplayer is working well,and all i need to do is script features to it.
But i don't know yet if npcs have to be client side or server side....

Errr....Pixel art?

Well...I tried to do my first hair sprite...
And check out the result.
The npc shows the hair in another dimension.
Now,if you guys put the pitchforks down,i'll be very pleased...
At least,the hair style script and sketching is working well.

Obs:.Ah,yes,on the top-left part of the screen,you can see a new feature.
Recent announcement,system infos,or battle status will be shown there.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Some update...

Development day X,because i'm not counting.

Today i implemented Shoes and Hair options.
At least the default shoe was easy to script,beside i not know if i should make it be drawn in front or not of the pants.
Also,i implemented hair option,and made sure that there will have enough space to draw the hair,
the problem is that i don't know where to start on it,and how i'll do the hair textures,but i'll have to try by the way.
Sigh...But i wonder that if i tell my tester about that news,he will wan't to do a miku like hair style...
By the way,these are the news.

And i just does not post photo of it,because i made test with a while head sprite,so,peoples that played slender may get afraid of it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today i tried to sketch the characters,i had the help of a tester on this,
he were guiding me if the sprite was or not looking weird.
After doing the sprite,i made some clothes,to the character not be...nude.
So,check out how it ended up.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey NPCs,why should you guys be unbeaten?

Today i am working at Tamers Network Reborn,at the moment.
I started programming the game,fixing some bugs and adding a few features,
but i were kinda bored,then,thanks for my brother,
he put some music to play on his pc,and made-me get happy again to script the game.

I am working at the moment,on a way of random encounters and other battles happen with town npcs too.
Beside some npcs have no partners,some of them will be able to defend theirselves during their quests,or defend their town/spot.

If i keep that up,soon,you may be able to find npcs adventurers on the game,or wanderer monsters party,that you can socialize with,or even call them to your team.

But in parts,i'm kinda disapointed with the comunity.
I am letting you guys help-me build the game,just by suggesting new monsters to it,so i may be able to add new areas and others.
But i believe also that you guys does not thrust me,so,later i'll have to prove what my game is capable of.

Well,see ya on the next teaser.

Ah,one thing,it's kinda vague at the moment,in various ways,but,at least is a beggining.
This is the initial skill of the Doggy Fighter,but if you see it in action,you will be lucky,but if it's your foe...
Then you are in problems.
Yes,skills level up,make them deal most damage/healing and they will get exp and level up.

By the way,should skills mana cost grow according to the level?

Friday, March 15, 2013

A few status updates...

Well,on my project,i made the battle system,at least almost of it's functions works,without the intereference of Console.

By the way,i was working on npcs today,and i made an annoying npc,that keeps chasing you at the City of Viagem,and when you talk to him,he asks you if you are the player with the name that is shown,if you say yes,he rewards you with 3 apples.

But the fun part is,i wanna see the face of my tester when he see that.

And sorry,no image today... : (

But soon i may have some.

See ya later.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My progress so far with the battle system

Well,after admiring the button moving for 8 days straight (Calm down,i'm just joking about this...),
i decided to work on the battle system,and it seems like i am already learning.
So far,i made the Attack and Skill command work well at the moment,but i am still working on the other things.
Also,Rackel is a new monster,is the female version of the monster Rocko,that is a pugilist dog you may get as starter on Brazilian country.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I and a tester of my project,have got addicted by this menu roll script,on the
monster information checker.
Because of that,i recently added a sound,that make's *Click* when you scroll the menu *.*

Nakano had an awesome idea

I had an awesome idea today.
I'll put the battle script on a thread,and then make the draw script....Only draw.
In other words,i'll have to do a few adaptations and...Voyla!
The graphical battle will be like as the console battle script!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Progress on the Battle Mode

This is what i did so far on the battle mode.

The bad is...I don't have idea of what to implement on it at the moment,i'll mess with otehr things while i haven't ideas of how i'll add the battle mode features.
By the way,the scenary color changes with the map color on exploration mode,also,
the sun moves according to the time,but the moon is kinda buggy at the moment,since it does not shows the correct moon to the day.

Working on the battle system

I'm starting to change the battle system way,to a new one,suitable to the exploration mode.
But certainly there will be some things missing on the battle mode,like the battlers.
But i'll think about that later.