Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey NPCs,why should you guys be unbeaten?

Today i am working at Tamers Network Reborn,at the moment.
I started programming the game,fixing some bugs and adding a few features,
but i were kinda bored,then,thanks for my brother,
he put some music to play on his pc,and made-me get happy again to script the game.

I am working at the moment,on a way of random encounters and other battles happen with town npcs too.
Beside some npcs have no partners,some of them will be able to defend theirselves during their quests,or defend their town/spot.

If i keep that up,soon,you may be able to find npcs adventurers on the game,or wanderer monsters party,that you can socialize with,or even call them to your team.

But in parts,i'm kinda disapointed with the comunity.
I am letting you guys help-me build the game,just by suggesting new monsters to it,so i may be able to add new areas and others.
But i believe also that you guys does not thrust me,so,later i'll have to prove what my game is capable of.

Well,see ya on the next teaser.

Ah,one thing,it's kinda vague at the moment,in various ways,but,at least is a beggining.
This is the initial skill of the Doggy Fighter,but if you see it in action,you will be lucky,but if it's your foe...
Then you are in problems.
Yes,skills level up,make them deal most damage/healing and they will get exp and level up.

By the way,should skills mana cost grow according to the level?

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