Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Welcome to Kekshausen

Kekshausen is the first German town created in Tamers Network.
Maden with the help of a frenetic german player,the town have too much to offer.
Beside being empty at the moment.
 It's residential area is big,tons of peoples lives here,and live happily day by day and night by night,having party everyday.
 At the center,have the healing spots,and areas where the citizens does his partys,everyday here is like a holiday,basically.
And up the town,is the future dungeon,that will be opened later,and brave tamers may look inside in search of loots and fortunes,even levels you may find inside.

I hope this little tour through Kekshausen have made you excited,wait until the British,Canadese and Portuguese town news for another little teaser about them.

See ya later.

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