Saturday, April 27, 2013

Little update part 2: The return of the battle

Well,i'm glad to say that now,when choosing a action,the game will no longer pause to wait your action.
But the game will still pause if you choose any button on the battle options.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

FPS Cap and Full screen!Hell yeah!

Amazing how it works eh?I just figured today how to cap fps and make full screen works a bit.
The result?Just see bellow.
Beside the fps be 2 frames less than the desired...It's working!
Also,on full screen,the game will no longer turn into a ferrari.
Ah,and say farewell to the rain checker.It will not be there soon.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little updates

Yesterday and today i was working on some things.
I added the first floor of the Videira Cavern,that is a dungeon that is found at the south-west of Piatuba town.
And added 2 new monsters,and a unreleased boss.
The monsters are,the Peeping Eye,that may paralize targets when staring at.
And the Libra,that can balance the target's status,to the greatest or smallest status.

By the way,you may help expanding Tamers Network progress,by donating monsters to the game,
just go to this topic and donate a monster.

Also,with the new monsters,i will be able add new fields,dungeons,cities,and etc.
It just depends on the number of monsters.

And about the mod that i was about to update....
The N Terraria mod,i am not updating it again,because i were basically working alone,
and i don't wanna to give others the credits by what i do,so,i leaved the mod intact.

Stay tunned for other news.

Edit:Well,whould be too terrible to leave without posting a teaser.
 I smoothened the mountains and the sea,right now you can only see the sea,but the mountains you will be able to see later.
Also,some new fields have come too.But i need to find a way of implementing fields until reach Kekshausen.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wait!Now is the time to we talk!

Today's progress is cool,now Tamers Network Reborn have chatting system.
Players can use local chat,party chat,global chat,map chat,or even whisper chat!
Also,i made an script that is on alpha yet on the party system,of loot sharing.
If the party is sharing the loot,there's a chance of the game send your loot to other party member that is on the same map.

Ah,but the chat was kinda boring with all the texts in white,so,i had to put a few colors on it.
Also,today,i and the tester were playing on party.
We found various kinds of bugs,and every of them were fixed,including the bug that the player bits whould be -30000.
Also,as you may notice,you can put any name to your party,but by the way,the party name must not be the same as one of the partys existing in the world.
So,one party with that name may exist in the world.

By the way,today the testing was kinda fun,too bad that i couldn't test the chat system with the tester...
But i debugged it through localhost.

Well,see ya on the next news.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today's update,GOAT RAVE PARTY!

Welcome friends of Tamers Network Reborn,
now i'm telling you guys that the party system,with invitation,is working!
Right now,you can't leave the party,once you got in,but i'll fix that later,and i'll explain why.

Today i had a terrilous bug(what ever terrilous mean(Spiral Knights influence eh?)),
i discovered that the new players couldn't see other players on The Same SERVER!
Can you believe that?
But no worry,i put some special script,to MAKE sure that the player WILL appear on the server
if the requested player id DOESN'T exists.

By the way,at the moment,on the party system,your players can share Exp and Bits(Game currency),by
the battles they won,depending on how many players are on the party,and will only share with those who are on the same map as you.

Well,the quest for the successfull party system is just starting,the quest of Nakano is just in the beggining.
Will Nakano ends the quest?Will the game get finished before 2014?Will i eat pizza this year?
Don't miss the next episode of Tamers Network ON DEV!!!!

Ah,no spoiler photo today,you guys may be already bored of seeying the same photo all the time,to know what changed,just imagine the previous party teaser with new players on the list XD.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Party system and TNR XD news

Hey guys,i made the party system work,for that,i had to do a thing.
I had to make the windows system and make the input system work.
The result?
The following window may be moved around and also may have custom script inside.

Isn't it awesome?By the way,the window is a bit too....well...some of the text is still oversized,but at least,WORKED!
I'll work on it just a bit more and then test the news with the tester.

See ya 'till next news.

Input and spaceship inva...err...raining and clouds.

Hey guys,time to another little teaser.
At the moment,i'm working on the input system.
Since the input systems on the web seems VERY complicated,then i made one by the N way.
It's working fine,but as oak says,there's a long way to go...or not...
By the way...

I took shots of a spaceship invasion...err...the raining system on the battle mode of Tamers Network.
Beside being quite...Weird,at least it's raining,isn't it?
And later i'll be back with another news.Or some bizarre news.

Edit:And by the way,since my last backup,the game got more 15 mb O.o!
Also,the dev quest i added,will come on the game release,i made some changes on it,and everyone that find the der...err..the quest npc,will be able to do it.

Edit2:Working at the moment on interfacing,later,i'll add a system to suport plugins on the game.

Friday, April 12, 2013

He is back...But for something new.

Well,the weird npc is back,but now,i'm using him to test something else...
What whould it be...?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's raining!

"Water is falling with the rain...
At the rail~rail~rain..."
Well,beside the "duh" music,rain is now a event on Tamers Network Reborn.
But beware tamers,your partners may get Flu while exposed to the rain,and let's say that flu is an annoying disease,that will even affect your monster on the higher levels.
By the way,there will have ways to prevent the flu.
One example?Consult your doctor,the other?I don't know,hehe.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hunting on party is even better.

Well guys,on Tamers Network Reborn,i'm working at the moment,on party system,where you can have up to...4 players on the team,and if you stay on the same map as the other players,you'll get part of the reward the player got.
Currently,the system will be like this...

The total battle reward will be shared with the party.
For example,if counting you,the party have 3 players,and you got 150 Exp,everyone will get 50 exp.
But i plan too,on letting other players and you be able to join the same battle,but i am still thinking how i'll do it.
So,wonder how big the battle can be when you get higher levels.

Little update on multiplayer

Today,it seems like i fixed a bug caused by wrong messages being received,and making the game recognize any message that comes,as the player nickname.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Urgent Update

I have urgent news!

I have been called by the Eletronic Farts,to do a partnership and put some ads in-game,
check out how it's in-game now.
It's not intrusive,and will give us some money,by the way,when i signed the contract,they said i should work for 20 hours per day,and get 5% of the money i get,it's fair,isn't it?

Also,there's a teaser of the new combat system here,take a look.

This is the final boss fight,be ready to prepare your party.

Also,to the third news,i added a new quest to the game.
Equistáquio Tosquera is asking you to give him some Apple Pie.
 But if you give him some Pie Crust....
Well,be sure to not give him pie crusts.

By the way,these are the news,and happy 1st April!