Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wait!Now is the time to we talk!

Today's progress is cool,now Tamers Network Reborn have chatting system.
Players can use local chat,party chat,global chat,map chat,or even whisper chat!
Also,i made an script that is on alpha yet on the party system,of loot sharing.
If the party is sharing the loot,there's a chance of the game send your loot to other party member that is on the same map.

Ah,but the chat was kinda boring with all the texts in white,so,i had to put a few colors on it.
Also,today,i and the tester were playing on party.
We found various kinds of bugs,and every of them were fixed,including the bug that the player bits whould be -30000.
Also,as you may notice,you can put any name to your party,but by the way,the party name must not be the same as one of the partys existing in the world.
So,one party with that name may exist in the world.

By the way,today the testing was kinda fun,too bad that i couldn't test the chat system with the tester...
But i debugged it through localhost.

Well,see ya on the next news.

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