Saturday, May 4, 2013

Slow week

This week i haven't been working so much on my project,but,i tried to add a few new things.

For example,when starting a battle,there is a chance of appearing a Zombie monster on the battle.

It's attacks inflicts the zombie virus effect on the target,that lasts until the end of the battle.
While the effect is on,the infected monster will get bleeding effect at every turn.
If the target monster faints in battle,he will rise as a. zombie,and will atrack anyone,friend or foe.
But,there will have a way of reverting that issue,and also,per turn of battle,there is a chance of the zombie monster regain consciousness,and listen again to your orders.
And to finish this creepy update,i'll make later,zombie monsters get damaged when exposed to the sun.
By the way,they only have a chance of spawning at night,by a small chance,on some of the monsters.

And now,let's talk about Battle NET.

No,not the Blizzard's online game service.
Let'me explain.

Battle NET is a organization that administrates all the battles that happens on Tamers Network overworld.
If you duel against a npc or player,Battle NET will be responsible about broadcasting your victory or defeat,by example.

When you start playing,a member of Battle NET will call you to teach you the basics,and give you quests.
But...Is Battle NET a good corporation?Let's discover during the main quest.

This finishs the little progress report,also,if you notice errors on the postage,is because i wrote it through my celphone.

Well,see ya.

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