Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sorry Canada,you'll be re-added later...

Well guys,i had to replace Canada from the list of countries on my game,by the Spain.
Spanish players will spawn on a town named "Las Playas",that is at west of Kekshausen(German Town).
There is a paradisiac place with a large beach,a few houses,and also,new plots.

Beside the map being added,there is still too much work to be done...
By the way,now,if i wanna launch the beta,i'll need a few new monsters,interligate brazilian towns to the other towns through fields,create dungeons for the new towns,and create the britanic town,and also,populate the towns with NPCs.

'Till then...Just wait and post a few new monsters.

Ah,also,thanks to a site,i could get the nations flags,and shrink them to fit on the player and monsters nation flags.
That was because the spanish flag made-me look and say "IT'S HOPELESS TO TRY TO SKETCH THIS!".
But by the way,the flags seems to be working.

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