Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In-game have cool stuffs,and when i'm off game?

Some peoples not necessarily are playing the game while it is open,it happens sometimes on some games,depending of their features.

My idea is like that now,make that the game have a compact mode,for when you are not exactly playing,so,you can care of your monsters,chat with other players(if on a server),or even use the game plugins(upcoming feature(all i need to finish is start it)) without the xna engine wasting most of your resources or ever other stuff of the game.

But on what it can benefit you?
Well,it can make you get some friendship with your partners by feeding them propperly,or even check up the party status,chatting with other players(if you are on a server),your own market opened on town with your own stuffs being sold,set a group of monsters to go level up on some field while you are afk,tell your partners to gather items while you craft other stuffs,or etc.

For example:.You want to play a game,what ever game you want,but you must craft...For example...5 Apple Pies,you can turn on compact mode,then task it to craft the 5 Apple Pies while you play the game you were wanting to.

And no,this does not means that you must have TNR open 24/7 on your pc,you may leave it open whenever you want,you can even close the game.

Well,this is my idea for the compact mode,but what cool features you guys would like to see on TNR compact mode?

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