Saturday, June 15, 2013

Slow progress today,but great stuff.

Today i've been working on making the npcs be updated,EVEN if you are not on the map they are at.
What it means is,if for example an idiot is running around at the town,this means that he will keep track of it's movement while you are away.

This may sound like a stupid feature,but is not,my plan is even bigger.
The plan is to make the npcs be basically global,so i can be able to make them have an AI,and wander around,like if they were some other tamer or etc.

Also,i added the lycanthropy status on the game,at fullmoon nights,werewolves monsters shall appear when you wander around.
On being attacked,there's a chance of contracting the werewolf infection,if you do not remove it in 5 minutes...Well,at least you shall not need to give him orders.

See ya on next news.

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