Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Spotlight]Lion Tooth Town

Since the beggining,there were only one field of Lion Tooth Mountains,but with the maps on dev,there were coming more maps,and after Las Playas were released,Lion Tooth Town were made as well,with it's 7 fields.

Lion Tooth Town is the british town,that is surrounded by mountains,but it keeps growing day by day.
There are tons of houses around the towns,as well as a little lake that is nearby it,the peoples on this town are happy,but they keep trying to avoid the maze to the mansion on the lower part of the town,because rumors says that it's haunted.
This mansion is currently unocuppied,but soon it shall be a dungeon,peoples that lives in Lion Tooth Town says that bellow the maze,there's a hostile area that is a giant maze itself,and only those who are really brave shall venture through it(Still to be made).

Well,are you willing to explore what Lion Tooth have to offer to you?

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