Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dedicated server coming soon to TNR

If you think that the image above,is i showing the server and the client working,then you are RIGHT!
TNR now have a dedicated server,aswell as will have soon the features of making guilds that will be server only.
But by the way,this server window is quite dull,do you guys have ideas of cool stuffs to add on it?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monsters and Item Storage are in

Monsters and item storages are on the game at the moment,i'll need to add buttons to scroll the list up and down,or just 6 items will be shown on the lists.

Currently,it look's like this the monster storage list.
As you may notice,i CAN'T store my last monster,so it will stay on the character.
There is a total of 300 monsters and items that can be stored on the storage.
but i believe you guys will take good care of the storage.

Well,until next news.

Monday, July 22, 2013

BattleNET assistant,storage and save location

Today i were working on monster storage on Tamers Network Reborn.
Since i know that you guys will not only have 6 monsters of option,i added a stash when the game was on the beggining of the dev.
But only now i added it's feature ingame,and is quite useable.
You may share,swap or even store any monster,but you must keep at least one with your character since you will be 100% defenseless when moving to some other town.

As well as stashing,have came the BattleNET assistant,they will be found at the town,they will help you with saving respawn location,or to check up your storages,be kind to them.
By the way,opening storage on the future will have a fee,but it will not be so high,so no worry.

Well,that's all for today's news,tomorrow i'll work on item storage system.
Also,what do you think about having a training zone for new tamers?
Maybe their new partners could get level 5 there.

I'm open to suggestions.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The wanderer npcs,the scare,and the curiosity.

After a long time without posting teasers with photos,i decided to show some of my progress at the moment.
With Terraria 1.2 coming soon,i keep practicing on Terraria for when the update comes,and i forget sometimes of the deving,but i still alive and the project too,beside the scare....

And talking about the scare...
A few days ago,i were working on some systems,also on some save game stuffs,i didn't had the chance of debugging the game.
Today,i was trying to debug the game,then the game load was taking longer than should,and when the player reachs the map,the game stutts for 3 frames and then freeze,turning unresponsible.
I started to think "Damnation!How this could happen?How i will tell the players what happened to the game?",then i got the backup,it had the load problems,i fixed them by remaking the debug save,well...
There were no bugs,was up to date,and it seems that there's no more thing to bother about,it means that i can still continue working on the project.

Now about the Wanderer Npcs.
Beside Nickless,this wanderer npc does nothing at the moment.
Soon it will walk through fields to reach towns or dungeons,at least that's my initial plan,as well as capture monsters,or join party with other tamers,monsters or players.
Wanderer NPCs may be threated by various ways,like a friend,like a walking civilian,or even as someone to battle against.
But one thing is sure,you will not be alone even on single player.

 And to the curiosity...
Do you know what a tamer's monsters do when their tamer dies(does not means your character may die or something like that)?
They roam around the world,if you be nice with them,or confort,they may like you and join your party,that's also part of my plan to the Wanderer NPCs.

Also,since some peoples likes to make dedicated servers,if someday i do dedicated servers,what do you guys think about guilds and town controlling?
And more,Guilds will be server bound,as well as Town Controlling stuffs,but i may think on a way of checking if the guild actually exists on the server,in case the administrator disbands.

Stay tunned and keep track of the updates of TNR.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The launch of a minigame,and review of end of the day.

After i posted the message that my mouse were broken,i wen't to the living room to watch some tv,then i started playing with a program of scripting in c# that i downloaded yesterday on my celphone(C# Shell,look on google play).
I did on it a little idle rpg game,that you can leave turned on while you are doing what ever you want.
The game is a simple console window,that once opened,the character will look for battle,then keep killing the enemies it finds to get exp until reachs level 100.And all actions happens with a second of delay.
But beware,not everytime the character will win the battle.

You can download the minigame here:
Google Drive:

Also,my mouse started acting like "i'll click when ever i want",then passed to "i will take a little break,shake-me to make-me work again".

The situation is now resolved,my mouse were replaced by a brick another mouse that is a bit bigger than the other i were using,without counting that it's quite sticky.
Well,at least is better than nothing,and i can be back to deving as soon as possible,or at least tomorrow,because now is my spree time.

Well,until next news,and i hope you guys like that little Idle RPG.

Current progress on TNR,or half...

Well,i've been trying to implement wandering npcs to the game,but after some messings,the game started stuttering once it loaded the map.
The stuttering was so horrible,that looked like as i was playing cubeworld on this pc.
I tried to fix the problem,but couldn't,then i discounted all my rage against my mouse,that randomly scrolls or double click.
The mouse deserved the hit,but as consequence,i can't work so much on the project and i got angry,and even more angry with the help of my brother.
When i calm down,i'll work again on TNR.
I had to pickup the most recent TNR backup,so,time to work on all these stuffs again later.

Also,do you think that npcs should be saved separatelly?
Beside being good for the autosaves of player,it is bad because anyone can wipe it.

By the way,'till next update.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Slow progress today,but at least...

Edit:.No longer posting news on Indie DB because they are too fresh about news formatting.

Today i've been working on recipes,and at the moment,there are 57 craftable items ingame.
I nerfed their crafting time,because no one will,for example,wait 1 hour and 10 minutes to finish crafting a two handed sword.

So,their crafting time were reduced to 10 minutes,tons of time better eh?
Also,i've been arguing with the tester yesterday,and i think that a good idea is that if you win a battle,the crafting time is discounted according ot the fierceness of the monsters your party fought.
In other words,party craft is nice!

Todavia,when the jobs system comes,where you can change on what your character will work on,
the requisited level to craft a item the class is good on will be reduced,for example:.
You want to smelt a Copper Ore to turn into Copper Bar.
To do a Copper Bar,you need Tamer level 5.
As a Blacksmith or some other class that smelt,the requisited level goes to 1.

Ah,i also added a new NPC to Piatuba Field 5,you can troll him because he does not speak propperly,but remember that he is a warrior,and his will EVER attack your party when he asks for battle.

Well,for today's progress,that's all.
Also,the image i put there is a teaser of a future feature the game will have.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tamers Network Reborn on Indie DB

Well,it's a indie game isn't?
Check out the game page here :
Edit:.Updates on TNR will be found at it's page on indie db,see you there.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A hundred items on TNR.

Well guys,after adding tons of white weapons on the game,i finally reached the mark of 100 items!
And to mark the item 100,i added on it's ID the Lapis Lazuli Ring,that increases the player luck in 10.Oh yeah!
A good diversity of Daggers,Swords,Two Handed Swords,Sabers,Rapiers,Shortswords,Axes and Battle Axes were included to the game,as well as new Bows.
Later i'll have to add Hammers and other items,and then continue to add the game contents.
Until next update.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some progress on TNR,or half,but Eiderals had new systems

Well guys,today i quite worked more on Eiderals,because i wanted to make the game have some more systems,but first,let-me talk about TNR.

On TNR,i added the Birthstones as items(See wikipedia for infos),these stones shall give benefits to the holder,depending on the month,or if the current month is the month that the player character have been raised at,still undecided how it will work.

These jewels also have such a interesting price,when sold on the market.

Also,i added new weapons to the game,a few number of daggers,swords and another item that i forgot were added,but need crafting recipe/place to be sold at/monster or map that loots it.

Now about Eiderals,after doing various lines of scripting,i made the weapons attacks faster,to match the game type,made monsters harder,fixed a few bugs that made the player's status futile,added the basic and WIP leveling,and finally,added a boss.

I have made him hard like...Shoot 3 bullets at the same time,dealing 7 of damage per hit (At level 1,max health is 17),fast shoot speed,and have such a high def.

Then i remember that not everyone is good at dodging,or have skills for dealing with him(neither i had),then started the session nerf,reduced it's shots to 1,reduced damage,increased cooldown between each shoot and reduced the defense.

I called the old mod tester robflop to see what he thinks of the current state of the game.
I could kill the boss with each 3 of the different kinds of weapons disponible on the gamebut my tester still said to nerf the boss because is too hard...

Well,i reduced a bit the boss damage,and then pranked  him,added 3 of the same boss on the same stage on his test version,you should have seem the way he wrote what he found on the new update,hahaha.I was just kidding,well,at least i think that the combat on Eiderals will be a mark of Challenge and Cooperation.
Well,that's all for today's update.
Until next update,and byyyyyyyyeeee.

Friday, July 5, 2013

A talent day

Today i worked on Talents,making them,and also putting them to action,but tomorrow i'll have to finish them up and also add their tree of unlocking.
Currently,i added 41 Talents that the players may spent points at,including the language talents,but depending on the talents you try to max out,you may only have 15~20 talents full filled.
Each talent will benefit you on your quest by some way,but i'm in doubt if i should or not add talents about defense/attack against other players and other for npcs,or add talents for defense/attack against other tamers(including npcs and players).
Well,this is the end of today's teaser,until next teaser.

Conditions to release the game

Hey guys,i may release the game sooner than you guys thought,but to not leave you guys on a big empty world,better i do some things first.
The tasks i have to do i will mark them once they are completed.
  • Finish adding the other monsters skills and it's effects. (44 skills at the moment,but 3 of all monsters with more than a skill disponible)
  • Add new items.Mostly as loot,craft stuff or must haves. (108 items atm)
  • Put npcs on towns,to not make the place so dull. (Town names marked have a considerable number of npcs. Piatuba, Kekshausen, Las Playas, Liontooth Town, ???)
  • Queeeeeeeests.... (8/50 quests atm)
  • Increase number of monsters,to not make all maps have the same monsters. (Maps from kekshausen and above have repeated monsters,but different levels).
  • Put some more craftable stuff on the game. (57 recipes atm)
  • Add at least a dungeon on each town. (Only Piatuba have a dungeon,and is unfinished)
  • Create Portuguese town and it's fields. (Name suggestions please?)
  • Optional : Den of the monster lords (Battle the fierce boss,and win a emblem)
  • Optional : Wandering NPCs (The battlers and party members will never be stopped waiting for you) 
  • Optional : Musics to the maps.
So far,these are the conditions that i need to release the game.
But one thing is sure,i need to finish first the talents system first,to then be able to work on these things.
See ya later,donate a monster today,and tomorrow you shall have a new game on your list. :D

Obs:.Ignore these objectives,i sometimes threat tasks as quests,but you can see my progress through here.

Talents,you are special!

At each Tamer level on Tamers Network Reborn,you will receive a talent point,that may be used on any talent,if it is unlocked at the moment.
Talents may give you and your tamed monsters some boosts,or even help on your quest,like increasing the luck.
Since the tax of having bad luck on the game is so random...*Cough*
Not all talents will be unlocked at first,some of them will require that you put some points on other status,before you can increase it's points,so,pay attention at it.

Well,i'll do something to make the talents not be all the same as the other player talents.
So,you may plan your own route of trainer with your own features.
Until next news.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Another update on Main Menu

Now,it is possible to create character,delete an existing character,or even customize an character that is being created.
Here is the photo of the character creation screen,very minimalist,but i think i can make it be quite animated later.
You will have to click on these < or > buttons to change the values of the default character colors.
There will have vanity gears on the game later,but at the moment,this is a really great progress.
Stay tunned for other Tamer Network Reborn news.

Edit:.And the random function works.
Everything to you create your own char,or chars,because there are currently 27 slots disponible for characters.
But the most clever player will only need one.

Current Work?Main menu!

I am working a the moment on Main Menu,making it quite cool on visual,and by the way,interesting about acessibility.
So,this number of save slots is good for you?
I think that later i'll add a option of adding passwords to save games,in case the game is run on a lan house,what may not happen,or to someone that have problems of privacy about their games.
Also,the colors of the text on the menu keep changing,so,no worry about having a background with some unreadable color.
And about the backgrounds,i made something interesting about it.
These backgrounds are from the battle mode,they quite look's good on the main menu,isn't?
By the way,do not bother about the version number,it shall be changed in case the beta comes,but i don't know if the beta will come soon,but i'm sure that will be sooner than you thought,because i found a cool radio to listen while program,and the boredoom level has fall,meaning that i can work more on the project.

By the way,if you are a compositor of music,you may apply some music to the game.Every map have it's own playlist,but the playlists are currently empty,meaning that there's no background music at the moment.
Let's change this frame before the beta? ;D

Edit: Let's see what you got!
Edit2:The above image of the slots was all messed due to a bug,but here is a image without bug.