Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some progress on TNR,or half,but Eiderals had new systems

Well guys,today i quite worked more on Eiderals,because i wanted to make the game have some more systems,but first,let-me talk about TNR.

On TNR,i added the Birthstones as items(See wikipedia for infos),these stones shall give benefits to the holder,depending on the month,or if the current month is the month that the player character have been raised at,still undecided how it will work.

These jewels also have such a interesting price,when sold on the market.

Also,i added new weapons to the game,a few number of daggers,swords and another item that i forgot were added,but need crafting recipe/place to be sold at/monster or map that loots it.

Now about Eiderals,after doing various lines of scripting,i made the weapons attacks faster,to match the game type,made monsters harder,fixed a few bugs that made the player's status futile,added the basic and WIP leveling,and finally,added a boss.

I have made him hard like...Shoot 3 bullets at the same time,dealing 7 of damage per hit (At level 1,max health is 17),fast shoot speed,and have such a high def.

Then i remember that not everyone is good at dodging,or have skills for dealing with him(neither i had),then started the session nerf,reduced it's shots to 1,reduced damage,increased cooldown between each shoot and reduced the defense.

I called the old mod tester robflop to see what he thinks of the current state of the game.
I could kill the boss with each 3 of the different kinds of weapons disponible on the gamebut my tester still said to nerf the boss because is too hard...

Well,i reduced a bit the boss damage,and then pranked  him,added 3 of the same boss on the same stage on his test version,you should have seem the way he wrote what he found on the new update,hahaha.I was just kidding,well,at least i think that the combat on Eiderals will be a mark of Challenge and Cooperation.
Well,that's all for today's update.
Until next update,and byyyyyyyyeeee.

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