Monday, August 26, 2013

The end of Tamers Network Reborn

Hey guys, due to low acceptance of Tamers Network Reborn, i'll stop working on the game, and go on other game project.
I think that i need a group of players to be able to work on such game, also...
The game does not seems so 100% as i expected...

By the way, as i said, i'll work on another game project, i have 3 projects under listing, one of them is Eiderals, another one is Maked Up Quest, and i think that's all at the moment.

Also, i'm working on my old mod, N Terraria, recently, if you are a Terraria player, drop by the page of my mod, if you want to turn your Terraria into a leveling roleplaying game.

See ya.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

TNR news moved to it's indie db page

I decided to unarchive the game on indie db, so the news of tnr have been moved to here :

Have fun.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TNR Today's Patchnote

Update Released. Aswell as these fixes.

* Battle
*- You can now battle monsters when wandering on a wild map, sorry for the bug.
*- BattleNET FranklySaying had it's nickname changed due to kekshausian's complainment.

Update can be got here:

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thinking about company name

I'm thinking that the best thing to do, is i think about a company name, to gives the peoples the idea of who to search to find more of my games.

After thinking about a name, i'll need a site, but the good news is that i know where i can make one for free.

Until next news.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tamers Network Reborn mega wip version launched!

This version is no longer disponible, since a new version is under development.

I'm out of idea of feature to the game, also, i have no testers latelly to help me on the features,
so i think that is a good idea if you guys help-me implement cool stuffs on the game.

Since this is a mega wip version, you may notice that there's some things missing or
the maps are empty or vague.

 But this version also gives you a voice of helping me continue the game, and make that your adventure
on it, alone or with friends, be more exciting and amazing aswell.

On this mega wip version, there is a event happening on it, monsters have a small chance of looting "Ticket of Experience", these tickets can be redeemed by experience on the npcs that are looking for it.

Kekshausen and Piatuba have npcs, but Piatuba actually is more populated.
Multiplayer is in,you can open a dedicated server,or even host the game when in-game.
Duel and Trade options aren't avaliable yet.
A few quests are on the game.
Some maps are barelly finished, but after some Kekshausen fields starts having repeated monsters.
A few monsters have a good number of skills on their lists.
Portuguese map does not exists yet.
Don't close the game by the game window,close by the console!

Any questions, just write, suggestions? Write aswell. Bugs? Report. Critics? Report aswell.
Updated link, this one is up to date.

Bug Fixe
*5th August 2013
*-Fixed hairstyle issue
*-Deactivated close button on the game,to avoid bug.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mega WIP release coming soon

Since will take tooooooons of days to release the game with all of it's stuffs in,i'll do a mega wip release of the game.
Those who want to afford the game,sorry,it's free.
The download links will cost R$0,00 so you can play for free for ever,or until get bored.

But this version also will be to encourage peoples to report suggestions on how to make the game better,or even to update the mob db.

By the way,i'm trying to work on some multiplayer interaction,like call to party,call to duel or call to trade.

Well,until next news.