Monday, August 26, 2013

The end of Tamers Network Reborn

Hey guys, due to low acceptance of Tamers Network Reborn, i'll stop working on the game, and go on other game project.
I think that i need a group of players to be able to work on such game, also...
The game does not seems so 100% as i expected...

By the way, as i said, i'll work on another game project, i have 3 projects under listing, one of them is Eiderals, another one is Maked Up Quest, and i think that's all at the moment.

Also, i'm working on my old mod, N Terraria, recently, if you are a Terraria player, drop by the page of my mod, if you want to turn your Terraria into a leveling roleplaying game.

See ya.

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