Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Was been working on a new game

Currently, i found an spriter that wants to work on a rpg project too, we are working now on a topdown action game.

Not much can be revealed right now, but stay tunned for info about development.

Well, no longer working on it due to second party member's idleness...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Current Status

To the few of those who are still lookng this blog for news:

  • I'm not working at any game right now, all projects were cancelled.
  • I am working at the remake of my Terraria mod. N Terraria.
  • I don't know if i should revamp Tamers Network Reborn, or rework it, or even rebuild the game.
  • I don't know also which project i should work on now.
  • All i know is, i want to make a open world game, that gives you freedom to go where ever you want, quite like TNR world system.
  • I am planning to change to flash, instead of programing on visual studio, using C#, but i got trolled when trying to learn how to work on it.
That's all right now.