Monday, December 9, 2013

N Terraria mod got updated.

After remaking the mod for a few months, i finally released it.
Anyone who wish to know more about it or even get the mod, remember of having Terraria first, then install the mod.
Find my mod at the link:

Have fun.

Ps:. To those who read the entire main thread, if you get on the game right now on the latest update, will notice that some features are missing.
The mod revamp is still under dev, so, i am adding slowly the features, just be patient.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Second Quest got update

Second Quest, the Idle RPG i made got a update today.
  • HP Potions are in, character may find a merchant randomly, where he'll buy pots, and the character will use the potions when nearly fainting.
  • Bosses are in too, they give 4 times more reward, but are hard to be put down, they are rarer than the chance of finding a merchant.
  • You can now add custom monster names to the randomly found monsters, just edit mobdb.txt contents, add a new line with a name for monster name.
Change Log 2
  • Bosses less impossible.