Monday, March 31, 2014

I quit N Terraria

I could no longer work on it, no cool ideas to do before the great update, no ideas of how i could fix bugs includding the ones of multiplayer, neither on how i could work on the main quests, without counting that due to stacking things on games, i barelly had time to work on it.

Also, the pressure of knowing that the party members were counting on me to add cool stuffs and fix the mod bugs made-me feel under pressure, i think i should not have hired other party members...

I have quit N Terraria without telling the others about that, or they would not let-me quit, but what will be of N Terraria without me, i do not know, at least may be better than when...

Well, good bye N Terraria.

Also, didn't released a update before i leaved because the Main Quests.

I will try to use my time to work on a game project.

Edit:. Forget it, have some time i got back into modding.

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