Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tamers Network fixes for map issues.

Today i were fixing some problems with the map loading and rendering on Tamers Network Reborn.
I changed the way it loads the map because the new way is a lot better at all.

Thanks to that, some bugs on map merging were fixed, like the little noticeable bug that peoples used to notice when on Piatuba border to the fields.

Look at the mountain on Top-Left part of the screen, it would have bugs of arraying if i have not fixed the problem.
Also... I implemented a feature on the game, Radio system.

Radios currently only have one station, which broadcasts monsters locations, sometimes shows ads, like "Have you visited X map?" messages and depending on which time is on the server/pc, will show the news telling which maps are raining.

Any ideas on how to make the Radio system better would be welcome.

Also, until next news.

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