Saturday, November 14, 2015

Little revamp on New Tamers Network Reborn

Well, I doubt anyone even missed news about my project, but anyway, better I tell the news.

I made a little revamp on the entire game, to make it a bit more stable and better looking.

To begin with, I made the game run without the need of a fps capper, but funny enough,
the game still runs at 60 fps even without the capper, is it because of my monitor?

I changed how the controls will work on the game, so they does not clunk on the way,
or have diversificated defects (like were happening on the previous news about the dialogue, if I even told about that).
Now the controls are more universal, plus they are responsive.

And, I were working for some time on multiplayer for the game, but due to problems, I had to stop working on it for a while and focus on other areas of the game, but either way, multiplayer will come anytime soon, neither on my Terraria mod I were able to fully understand how were made the multiplayer system.

The dialogue window have received a revamp, you will notice a huge difference if you look at older news and the newest ones, the dialogue box is now way cooler, and does not have a huge and boring font (in my opnion), plus made the options from the menu be less messy and have their own part on the interface, as you can see on the screenshot.

Also, the npc above I made to test a new dialogue function, where using strings and two dots between the texts, I could make a dialogue where some of the options can be hidden
due to certain requirements.

For example, on the dialogue above, the Dialogue Tester initially asks you which town are you at, the option saying that you are in Piatuba is initially disabled, and due to that you are
sent to the "I does not know" option, clicking "I does not know", makes the npc tells you the town name, and due to that, the npc asks again which town you are at, and then the option "This town is Piatuba" appears.

The infinity of things and dialogue branches this may lead to is demi infinite, but will be way more better than having to create several dialogues for different conditions (like happened to the old Armor and Weapon vendors in Piatuba, there were two option menues defined for when they are with shop opened or not).

Well, that's all the news for now, stay tunned for more.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Idle World Update 2

IdleWorld acquired a new update, this update will change several things on the game,
plus make it be less dumb in most parts, and make characters have a certain favorite
weapon type.
*- Party Leaders will now more likelly search for party when go to the town.
*- Characters will no longer turn to desertors on battle when running out of potions.
*- Added some true names for the game, but the second name still uses the old naming method.
*- Made characters have a preffered weapon type.
*- Monsters now only attack a player, at least the one who makes him more angry.
*- Changed or Removed some weapons.
*- Adventurers look for party less longer.
*- Bosses now have longer respawn time.
*- Adventurers now leave party when their party leaders is too low level for them, or they are far ahead his quest objective.
*- Can no longer acquire negative exp.
*- Quests no longer have monsters killing requirement increased with map level.
*- Characters will need to pay for a night on the INN if they are not on the initial town.
*- You will less likelly get awesome loot from monsters, stores and chests.
 You can download the update here:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

IdleWorld Updated

I made a few changes on the IdleWorld project.
Made the following changes:

* More Weapon types for the adventurers.
* New quest items.
* New equipments.
* Fixed issue with quests that would not recognize other monsters of the same type in the map.
* Fixed adventurers fighting monster counter.
* Changed how the luck count in battle works.
* Adventurers will now return to town once quest is complete.
* New map Affix and names for both town and wild areas.
* Your adventurers will no longer pause combat when out of stamina.
* Monsters now restores HP gradually when out of combat.
* Adventurers can now flee from tough battles when Frustration reaches a high level.
* Adventurers will look for teaming up with other adventurers when the battle is too hard for them.
* Added Orc and Goblin character types.
* Weapon and Armor now matter.
* No longer possible to restore health by weak enemy attacks.
* Quests requesting adventurers to defeat a boss now reward more coins.

You may download it here:

Sunday, May 24, 2015

IdleWorld, my Multiple Massive Idle RPG.

Hey guys, want to know what is the kind of thing I did while I were bored?
Beside trying to work on TNR and failing, I were working on something else.

After playing some idle rpg games through the internet, I noticed something.
All of those games only lets us play with only one character, then I had an idea...

 Why not make an idle rpg where you can check out several characters at the same time?
That is what I did.

It's the "Idle World", after opening the game, adventurers will begin to pop up on the game and try to level up by either way it wants, meaning that the character will grind monsters, get quests and even look for treasures on the fields.

The Adventurers, Maps and Monsters are randomly generated, meaning that one world will not be equal to the other.
Maps have around 10 different monsters and a boss.
And notice, may happen of familiar word names appear on some of the spawned characters, that is because the name generator gets a consonant and then a vowel (blame google translator if it's wrong) for the names, and repeat it a few times, so in case you see some weird familiar name, know that it is not intentional.

Also, the game progress will not be saved after closing the program, meaning that all the progress will be lost.
Plus, the program have a text document inside it's folder, it have the monsters names, you may edit it to add or remove creatures your adventurers will face.

If you have ideas for this, you are free to say. And this idle rpg is not 100% tested, so bugs may happen.

Download on Mega:!4gZGwDiI!3Lzx7sQDAVwKgdf6MTv6Qo6NiMJu6KXjDuSwWM9F-d8
Download on Google Drive:

Have fun!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Overlayed Windows....

Latelly I were thinking about the possibilities of using Overlayed windows to do some stuffs, like as a friend suggested, Date and Time even when if there is a fullscreen game opened. But as you may wonder, my ambition does not stops there, maybe on the future, more things could be created by using Overlaying windows, like for example, with a simple command of keyboard, call a little window that shows your last news of social networks, or be able to answer someone on a messager, without even needing to do alt+tab while playing a game. Maybe this could even lead to a revolution on pc gaming, hahaha. Well, whatever, maybe I could try to do overlaying application and see how it will work. Edit:. And talking about date and time overlay...
It is impressive the kind of things that can make for windows, but it is kinda sad that no one ever wondered about making use of them to make our life easier.

With some work, this may end up as an idea way better than turn the pc into a tablet with the new windows ideas.

By the way, I will not release this overlay clock, because I still need to think how to make it acessible for players, to close it, or even change it's position.

Friday, April 3, 2015

A news after a long time without updates.

Hey guys, I've been kinda busy working on other things, and could not update TNR news because I were not working on it for a while.

After working on a project and implementing interfaces made by a good spriter, I learned some tips and tricks of interfacing, and I were able to make the dialogue window of TNR with that skill I acquired.
Which you can see.... Here!
Not really a great thing, right? Not really.
That interface window countains a sprite of 24x24 size, which is 8x8 for each of it's frame.
Without any fps drop, as you may notice on top-right, an 8x8 interface were implemented on my project, and turned into what you can see above.

Also, I wiped the entire monster list of the project, which means that I will have to redo the entire monster list, this time I will try not to implement stupid creatures.
Plus, I'm planning on making Piatuba and it's fields and dungeons the only unlocked town currently, until I finish adding features to other towns, this may make easier for me to implement the towns and their features.

Well, that is all for today's news, I still have to take care of that menu above the dialogue window, because that dialogue window is ugly.

Well, until another news.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Battle System and Npc Dialogue System

Time to work on the Battle system on Tamers Network Reborn, but before I do that, I will need to do some planning on how the battle system will work.
I'll no longer use the old abs system, since it does not makes sense based on other game version.

But I will need to make it on a way so when the combatant graphics is implemented, the animations will work correctly without causing problems to the game.

Also, I were working on npc dialogue system, the system works quite well but, there are a few input lag issues when trying to move to another dialogue option or select it, beside I think that it is caused by another program hogging part of the computer cpu (Was with another game opened while testing), plus I am not very sure that it will work very well on multiplayer.

But after I implement multiplayer, I really should see if it will work correctly.
I kind of dislike the dialogue interface right now, I think that I will change it to something more compact and casual later.

Also, It seems like opening dialogue to npcs does not cause negative impact to the game, neither the fps dropped from 60 when I were testing it.

Well, that is all for today's news, until next news, give-me a word if there is something that needs to be changed.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Npcs and Outfits

Well guys, another update on TNR, this one is not an update of low number of things done.
This time I did a interesting number of progress on the project, and things seems to be going well.

I will begin with the npcs.
I made a simple npc system for TNR, where the npc positions are SETUP on the NPC, no longer on the map loading, like were on older versions, meaning that only one stance of the npc may be found on the world, but due to that script, that does not stop the npc of being moved to somewhere else, in case of quest change and things like that.

The second change is how the npc scripting will work, instead of having to move to other script sections to place the script of what the npc will do in situation x or situation y, now the npc behavior will be able to be setup on the npc creation script instead.

Using as example a test npc I implemented with the AI based on Unknown Rude from old TNR,  right after I setup the npc spawn position (which I placed on Piatuba) I also programmed his AI, which is when on the center, the npc will move up, when out of the center, will start walking around the center.

Also, another thing that I changed is, implemented jumping and reimplemented running.
Jumping I plan on making it usefull aswell for jumping holes and also for other things, now Running... I guess you know what it does, but I plan on implementing fatigue system on the player to avoid abuse.

Now to the second part of the news, implemented player outfits, but the outfits still needs it's own item sprite, but at least now it works, alongside...
Some items like the mentioned outfits may have a random color setup, in other words, you may end up dropping a blue shirt, red pants, green shoes or something like that when exploring a dungeon, cave, field, etc. Or even as quest reward.

Good part of the changes you may see on this screenshot, plus part of the new walking animation.
Obviously the chat balloon is not in the game, but added because did not added the player and npc information interfaces., beside I plan on implementing something like that for player and npc chats.

Another thing that I should mention is, maps no longer need to forcedly have a map data file on the client, it may only use the texture you provided to map it in case there is nothing to change, you may notice that due to the bug on the 2 tiles tall houses that I just noticed after posting this teaser image here, and yes, I'm hunting that bug.

Either way, that's all for today's news, until next news about TNR development, and tell-me what do you think about the new changes. And please give-me a discount on the sprites, I'm good at programming, but not very much at spriting.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Player Resprited plus Recruitment.

I did an resprite on the player character, it seems like the new sprite is 100% way better than the old sprite.

Compare yourself.
Old Sprite

New Sprite

Also, the sprites of the character walking to east/west were changed, now the character really walks like a normal person, not like a warrior from rpg games.

Plus...  I think I will not be able to finish the project alone, if someone get interessed in working on it, give-me a word through comment on this post, plus show-me an example of what you can do.

Well, until next news.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Custom Players Sprites Mod for Terraria

I released today a mod for tApi that allows players to change their character sprites on Terraria.
It allows the user to change the sprite to a custom made texture.
Currently it only allows changing hair, body and clothings, but not armors.

Be sure to check it.

Well, back to TNR deving.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pixel art of doom

Hey guys, i came to bring some news, the tiling auto arraying script of the map texture reader is almostly complete. Plus made the script of the directional movement of the characters.

But i thought, what if the character get a sprite revamp, plus with that gets some poses, like different standing poses, sitdown pose, lying down pose, and etc.

Well, seems like a good idea, right? But for someone inexperienced at pixel art like me, it's a heeeeeeeavy pain.
I tried to work on some pixel arts for the player character, some of them were displeasing, and others look's like way too small, so i got stuck at this.

I guess i should jump to some other system and leave the player sprites to other time, right?

Well, until next news.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Another episode of Progress.

Tamers Network Reborn map script is working way better than i expected, even the character movement script is working as intended, gotta love my job, even though there is a minor bug, but that i will fix eventually.

To you know how much progress i did, i walked from Piatuba to this field, map transition when moving from a map to another also worked very well.

Also, as a side note, the way i made the movement script work, will make it easy for me to make npcs behavior, like moving and other things.

Well, see you on the next news about TNR development.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Enter the Map Editor.

Hey guys, i'm bringing another news about the development of my project.
I implemented on TNR a map editor, which let the player create and edit maps.

The map editor will make it easier and simple to edit maps, without using hard codes to create them, beside will be more annoying than making a map on paint and then importing, but then i had an idea...

And if you could make a model of the map on paint, and then make the game import it? So you can edit from it? That is basically what i am trying to do.

Basically, making a map would involve making a model of it on paint, then when the game loads, you finish it.

Sounds like a good plan, right? The bad is that the map editor currently is deprecate, but not deprecate enough to not have a teaser.
Take a look.
I am using Piatuba town as example. The area above the player position, is another map area, it cannot be edited (yet). Top Left area of the screen shows the currently selected tile.
Upon placing a tile, beside it changes the tile at the position of the cursor, it also saves the map tile information.

I think this may speed up the development.
Well, that's all for today's news, now i got around 30 maps to fix the tiling, until next news.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

After an average new year, i got back home and can continue working on my project.

For my project, i think i will make the map system differently, and make the game have an built in map creator, so i can create my maps to the game, plus the players makes their maps for... Well, secret.

But i still need to think on how i will work the tiles...
Well, until next news.