Thursday, February 26, 2015

Npcs and Outfits

Well guys, another update on TNR, this one is not an update of low number of things done.
This time I did a interesting number of progress on the project, and things seems to be going well.

I will begin with the npcs.
I made a simple npc system for TNR, where the npc positions are SETUP on the NPC, no longer on the map loading, like were on older versions, meaning that only one stance of the npc may be found on the world, but due to that script, that does not stop the npc of being moved to somewhere else, in case of quest change and things like that.

The second change is how the npc scripting will work, instead of having to move to other script sections to place the script of what the npc will do in situation x or situation y, now the npc behavior will be able to be setup on the npc creation script instead.

Using as example a test npc I implemented with the AI based on Unknown Rude from old TNR,  right after I setup the npc spawn position (which I placed on Piatuba) I also programmed his AI, which is when on the center, the npc will move up, when out of the center, will start walking around the center.

Also, another thing that I changed is, implemented jumping and reimplemented running.
Jumping I plan on making it usefull aswell for jumping holes and also for other things, now Running... I guess you know what it does, but I plan on implementing fatigue system on the player to avoid abuse.

Now to the second part of the news, implemented player outfits, but the outfits still needs it's own item sprite, but at least now it works, alongside...
Some items like the mentioned outfits may have a random color setup, in other words, you may end up dropping a blue shirt, red pants, green shoes or something like that when exploring a dungeon, cave, field, etc. Or even as quest reward.

Good part of the changes you may see on this screenshot, plus part of the new walking animation.
Obviously the chat balloon is not in the game, but added because did not added the player and npc information interfaces., beside I plan on implementing something like that for player and npc chats.

Another thing that I should mention is, maps no longer need to forcedly have a map data file on the client, it may only use the texture you provided to map it in case there is nothing to change, you may notice that due to the bug on the 2 tiles tall houses that I just noticed after posting this teaser image here, and yes, I'm hunting that bug.

Either way, that's all for today's news, until next news about TNR development, and tell-me what do you think about the new changes. And please give-me a discount on the sprites, I'm good at programming, but not very much at spriting.

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