Friday, April 10, 2015

Overlayed Windows....

Latelly I were thinking about the possibilities of using Overlayed windows to do some stuffs, like as a friend suggested, Date and Time even when if there is a fullscreen game opened. But as you may wonder, my ambition does not stops there, maybe on the future, more things could be created by using Overlaying windows, like for example, with a simple command of keyboard, call a little window that shows your last news of social networks, or be able to answer someone on a messager, without even needing to do alt+tab while playing a game. Maybe this could even lead to a revolution on pc gaming, hahaha. Well, whatever, maybe I could try to do overlaying application and see how it will work. Edit:. And talking about date and time overlay...
It is impressive the kind of things that can make for windows, but it is kinda sad that no one ever wondered about making use of them to make our life easier.

With some work, this may end up as an idea way better than turn the pc into a tablet with the new windows ideas.

By the way, I will not release this overlay clock, because I still need to think how to make it acessible for players, to close it, or even change it's position.

Friday, April 3, 2015

A news after a long time without updates.

Hey guys, I've been kinda busy working on other things, and could not update TNR news because I were not working on it for a while.

After working on a project and implementing interfaces made by a good spriter, I learned some tips and tricks of interfacing, and I were able to make the dialogue window of TNR with that skill I acquired.
Which you can see.... Here!
Not really a great thing, right? Not really.
That interface window countains a sprite of 24x24 size, which is 8x8 for each of it's frame.
Without any fps drop, as you may notice on top-right, an 8x8 interface were implemented on my project, and turned into what you can see above.

Also, I wiped the entire monster list of the project, which means that I will have to redo the entire monster list, this time I will try not to implement stupid creatures.
Plus, I'm planning on making Piatuba and it's fields and dungeons the only unlocked town currently, until I finish adding features to other towns, this may make easier for me to implement the towns and their features.

Well, that is all for today's news, I still have to take care of that menu above the dialogue window, because that dialogue window is ugly.

Well, until another news.