Friday, April 3, 2015

A news after a long time without updates.

Hey guys, I've been kinda busy working on other things, and could not update TNR news because I were not working on it for a while.

After working on a project and implementing interfaces made by a good spriter, I learned some tips and tricks of interfacing, and I were able to make the dialogue window of TNR with that skill I acquired.
Which you can see.... Here!
Not really a great thing, right? Not really.
That interface window countains a sprite of 24x24 size, which is 8x8 for each of it's frame.
Without any fps drop, as you may notice on top-right, an 8x8 interface were implemented on my project, and turned into what you can see above.

Also, I wiped the entire monster list of the project, which means that I will have to redo the entire monster list, this time I will try not to implement stupid creatures.
Plus, I'm planning on making Piatuba and it's fields and dungeons the only unlocked town currently, until I finish adding features to other towns, this may make easier for me to implement the towns and their features.

Well, that is all for today's news, I still have to take care of that menu above the dialogue window, because that dialogue window is ugly.

Well, until another news.

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