Sunday, May 24, 2015

IdleWorld, my Multiple Massive Idle RPG.

Hey guys, want to know what is the kind of thing I did while I were bored?
Beside trying to work on TNR and failing, I were working on something else.

After playing some idle rpg games through the internet, I noticed something.
All of those games only lets us play with only one character, then I had an idea...

 Why not make an idle rpg where you can check out several characters at the same time?
That is what I did.

It's the "Idle World", after opening the game, adventurers will begin to pop up on the game and try to level up by either way it wants, meaning that the character will grind monsters, get quests and even look for treasures on the fields.

The Adventurers, Maps and Monsters are randomly generated, meaning that one world will not be equal to the other.
Maps have around 10 different monsters and a boss.
And notice, may happen of familiar word names appear on some of the spawned characters, that is because the name generator gets a consonant and then a vowel (blame google translator if it's wrong) for the names, and repeat it a few times, so in case you see some weird familiar name, know that it is not intentional.

Also, the game progress will not be saved after closing the program, meaning that all the progress will be lost.
Plus, the program have a text document inside it's folder, it have the monsters names, you may edit it to add or remove creatures your adventurers will face.

If you have ideas for this, you are free to say. And this idle rpg is not 100% tested, so bugs may happen.

Download on Mega:!4gZGwDiI!3Lzx7sQDAVwKgdf6MTv6Qo6NiMJu6KXjDuSwWM9F-d8
Download on Google Drive:

Have fun!

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