Wednesday, October 5, 2016

[TNR] A new look into nations and towns

Today I've been working into changing the game nations and towns, to make them less
likelly based on the real world's nations, being that, nations are getting renamed with
time, until I get a really good name idea and make it be the name of the nation, for good.

Also, I've changed some nations flags, being that the flags of nations that used to be from Brazil, Germany and England got changed, aswell as the name of the Brazillian town, were
renamed to "Cidade Nova(New City)", which is a less horrible name.

The red squares in the image, are from the debugger of a path finding system I'm creating, at every 5 tiles away from the nearest spot, it will create a refference spot, which will be used when moving through towns, but I still need to think how to expand that so when exploring the field, the npc tries to go to other towns, or decide wether to explore the field or not.

That is all for today's news, until next time.

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