Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Holy carp! Five years?!

Five years?! Five years since the last time I released my project?
That is not right! I should've finished it already, If I weren't slacking on the project.

No way! I've got to work more on it. You guys waited too long for the game to be released
in it's final version.

Beside I can't really get blamed, though. Not really many people got interest in it,and I got
no idea why, and the few who were interessed, has left due to the project idleness...

Anyway, now I see that I've delayed the project for too long, I'll try working some more on
the project, and then be able to release the final version of it.

Meanwhile, It's a great morale boost to know there are people interessed in this proejct,
give me a hello, and if possible, tell about the project to other people, not only I will
know people are interessed in the project, but also do my best not to disappoint you guys
with the project.

Anyway, time to take off some dust.

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