Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Femme Fatale?O.o

Also,the current battle system of the game,the bar is a bit buggy,as you can see.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Let-me guess who used these browsers...

Even not being dev news,this is fun by the way,nice timing for me!!!
Btw..The list is:
Brazil,Germany,United Kingdom and United States,try to find who used these browsers.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monsters donation in need

I stopped developing this game, no longer need monster donations right now. 

Well,on the game,currently i have only 20 monsters,but,you that are creative,you may donate a monster too,i developed an software to let you create your own monsters,and generate an solution of it.

The link is here:

Just a thing,the game will be Free for all ages,so,moderate on the content.

Image of the mob db editor.

The software is easy,you can even create multiples monsters at it,since they have different names.
All you have to do is,put his infos,and when you finish,click on Solution,and then on the Solution text,at the lower part of the window,will be the infos,and a txt document will be created on the application directory,with the name of the monster you created.

But just a thing,just because i couldn't encrypt the monster infos,does not means i will not notice if you are using cheats.

To send me the monster you created,just post it on the comments at this topic.And then wait for my reply,if you want,you may tell also which nation the monster will be at Aditional info text,or just tell on the post.

Little info about it,to help you.
At the Status Selection screen.
First,check the button of the status you wanna increase,then,hit the slider to one of the sides to increase/decrease it's value.
Left to decrease,Right to increase.
also,you have 80 status points to distribute on the status,choose wiselly.

HP and SP:
HP is the Health of the monster,if it reachs 0,it dies,and obviously turns unable to fight (unless turns into a zombie,but i wonder if i'll add that to the game).
SP is the Special Power,needed to use skills,will be usefull when you are sick of melee,and wan't to use the monster special attacks.
STR is the Strength,melee minimum and maximun damages increases from this.
AGI is the Agility,you may evade attacks better and have the monster atb bar loading faster than should.
I recommend you to put 8~10 points here.
VIT is the Vitality,Slightly increases the health of your monster,by the way it increases too his minimum and maximun physical defense,and some ranged defense.
INT is the Inteligence,or Intelect,you choose,increases maximum special power,and your magic damage and defense too,both minimum and maximum.
DEX is the Dexterity,increases the Accuracy,that makes minimum damages get closer to maximum on all attack status,according to how high it is,Hit Rate,that increases the chance of passing through the enemy agility when attacking,and increases also the minimum and maximun ranged attack.
Also recommended to put 8~10 points here.

Leveled List

The leveled list is simple.
Click on the bar to change the level,and on the dropbox,choose the status that will get 1 point when the monster achieve that level.
But keep on mind,HP and SP will increase by 5 for each point.


If you wanna add a Skill,click on Add,and to delete...Del.
"You:Hey!But this is a empty block of text!"
I know,so i let you create and tell-me how will work the skill,and how it will be effective,use your imagination.
Also,the skills can have multiple levels,so,you can specify how many levels it have,and what will come on it.
You may wonder also that the slider is to move through the skills.

Additional Infos

Any other information you wanna give about your monster?Tell-me!
Like appearance,or etc.

Attack Text

What will be shown when the monster uses normal attack?
Just tell,but remember,(a) is the current monster name,and (t) is the name of the target monster.
For example:(a) mauled (t) so hard that he were thrown away.

Skill Use Rate

Well,between 1 and 100,what will be the chance of the monster using the skill?
The higher it is?The more often it will be!

That's all by now,show-me your generated monsters,and then i'll tell you if i'll add or not to the game,and do not cheat!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tamers Network Reborn Information

Well,i'm rebuilding Tamers Network,since the other source was unbearable to understand (Saaaaaad...).
By the way,at this time,i added the graphical map and made the battle system works.
Beside having that,my plans are that the game will let you customize your character by the way you'd like to,
be able to duel with other players or team up with them to battle against others,have a group to chat and divide exp,battle with npc tamers,do commerce between towns,and etc.

If you wanna a photo of the current state of the project,i can't show,since i have place holder sprites,the developer of the game may annoy me before i sketch the game's sprites.

But you may help-me on the game,all you have to do,is donate a monster for my game.

This is a software i developed to help you guys do your monsters.

All you have to do,is do the monsters status,describe it's skills,and work on the other options,then click solution,and post at the comments,the infos of the monster you created.
But beware!I discover cheating on the posts.

Edit:I forgot to tell,players will be able to choose his character's nation (based on irl nations),and will spawn on a separate place from the other nations,but nothing says that a player from a nation can't interact with the others,there are a few number of nations on the list,but i will tell them soon.