Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Welcome to the exploration mode

I did a revamp on the graphics,to make the game less uglee,when you play it.
And now i decided to launch a teaser of the map on the exploration mode.
Welcome to City of Viagem,one of the first towns of brazilian province on Tamers Network,
it's empty at the moment,but soon,i'll add npcs,and other things,like buildings,and other things.
Also,the sprites are based on Pokémon Silver,so,you may remember of the game while you look at the photo.

I could show you guys the player character atm,but i can't yet,since i still with the placeholder sprite,and didn't sketched yet the other sprites.
By the way,if someone had doubts about the game being only console based,now you see that you are wrong,it have a graphical gameplay,and a friend of mine incentivated me of making the game less console,and more...xna.

If you wanna help-me,no money needed or etc,all i need is that you spread to everyone,that i'm looking for monsters to my monster database.You can contribute too,so,do it while i keep making awesomeness.

See ya later with another exciting news.

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