Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today's update,GOAT RAVE PARTY!

Welcome friends of Tamers Network Reborn,
now i'm telling you guys that the party system,with invitation,is working!
Right now,you can't leave the party,once you got in,but i'll fix that later,and i'll explain why.

Today i had a terrilous bug(what ever terrilous mean(Spiral Knights influence eh?)),
i discovered that the new players couldn't see other players on The Same SERVER!
Can you believe that?
But no worry,i put some special script,to MAKE sure that the player WILL appear on the server
if the requested player id DOESN'T exists.

By the way,at the moment,on the party system,your players can share Exp and Bits(Game currency),by
the battles they won,depending on how many players are on the party,and will only share with those who are on the same map as you.

Well,the quest for the successfull party system is just starting,the quest of Nakano is just in the beggining.
Will Nakano ends the quest?Will the game get finished before 2014?Will i eat pizza this year?
Don't miss the next episode of Tamers Network ON DEV!!!!

Ah,no spoiler photo today,you guys may be already bored of seeying the same photo all the time,to know what changed,just imagine the previous party teaser with new players on the list XD.

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