Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Spotlight]Lion Tooth Town

Since the beggining,there were only one field of Lion Tooth Mountains,but with the maps on dev,there were coming more maps,and after Las Playas were released,Lion Tooth Town were made as well,with it's 7 fields.

Lion Tooth Town is the british town,that is surrounded by mountains,but it keeps growing day by day.
There are tons of houses around the towns,as well as a little lake that is nearby it,the peoples on this town are happy,but they keep trying to avoid the maze to the mansion on the lower part of the town,because rumors says that it's haunted.
This mansion is currently unocuppied,but soon it shall be a dungeon,peoples that lives in Lion Tooth Town says that bellow the maze,there's a hostile area that is a giant maze itself,and only those who are really brave shall venture through it(Still to be made).

Well,are you willing to explore what Lion Tooth have to offer to you?

Problems with stylish on Tamers Network Reborn

Hey guys,the progress is quite slow latelly,one of the problems is that i'm trying to figure how i will make the characters hairstyles,and i believe that i will be stuck on this for much time.
Since a world isn't only populated by mans,womans npcs should exist too.

So,this post is to explain part of the problems i'm having on TNR deving.
Also,latelly i'm out of ideas,even npcs ideas,if you guys wanna suggest quests or npcs,i'll be reading and adding them onto the game,also,the game needs a british town.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Guess what's new on Eiderals?

Some progress on Eiderals

Today i were working a bit more on Eiderals,to make at least the game have a character,and attack animation.
This is the result.
I have reworked a bit the collisions of the character,because due to the sprite not being 64 pixels tall anymore,there were a hop bunny glitch happening.
By the way,time to work on the creatures and later on the world map,and then npcs.
See ya later.
Also,i didn't abandoned Tamers Network Reborn.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some progress on Eiderals and it's infos.

Today i weren't in the mood to work on Tamers Network Reborn,so i tried to fix the collision issues with Eiderals.And did it.

Eiderals is a project i started have some time,but did slow progress since then,it's a continuation version of a project i did have some time ago(maybe 3 or 5 years).
The game will be a platformer dungeon cleaning game,with tons of stages,full of enemies,and every stage at it's end,probably will have a boss.
The ancient version of the project required you to use the weapon you mostly preffer,because of the build,but this shall end now.
The weapons shall turn into items,there shall have more quests and stages at town,and also what every dungeon must have,loot!
Currently,this is the actual progress of Eiderals,stay tunned for more news about this shortly on dev game.
See ya

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Featuring features,npcs and quests.

Last days i were working on npcs,to add a few more life to the game.
I added a quest on Piatuba that specially features the mail system,players may rage with the quest,because unless it's finished...Well...
By the way,some advanced quest scripting shall now work on the game,like for example make a little cinematic of the player and a npc talking,then some other npc enters the door,or even fade in and fade out effect.

Also,later i'll have to take a look at the quests,and make a exp calculator,so every quest in the game shall give a fair reward to the player,even if the quest is relativelly easy.

And continuing,i wonder the possibility of letting the game have modding using the plugins system,metioned before.
I wonder if i could use .dll files as something to the mods being loaded,so c# programmers may create their own mod,but the bad is that normal players will not be able to make their own changes.

And to finish this topic,i will start working on Kekshausen,thanks to Trude(Shopkeeper of the town),quests that are to sell some stuffs on certain town,or nation's shop,are now able to be made.
She will give you a quest,that if you complete,she will start selling cookies to you.

Until next news.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Slow progress today,but great stuff.

Today i've been working on making the npcs be updated,EVEN if you are not on the map they are at.
What it means is,if for example an idiot is running around at the town,this means that he will keep track of it's movement while you are away.

This may sound like a stupid feature,but is not,my plan is even bigger.
The plan is to make the npcs be basically global,so i can be able to make them have an AI,and wander around,like if they were some other tamer or etc.

Also,i added the lycanthropy status on the game,at fullmoon nights,werewolves monsters shall appear when you wander around.
On being attacked,there's a chance of contracting the werewolf infection,if you do not remove it in 5 minutes...Well,at least you shall not need to give him orders.

See ya on next news.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In-game have cool stuffs,and when i'm off game?

Some peoples not necessarily are playing the game while it is open,it happens sometimes on some games,depending of their features.

My idea is like that now,make that the game have a compact mode,for when you are not exactly playing,so,you can care of your monsters,chat with other players(if on a server),or even use the game plugins(upcoming feature(all i need to finish is start it)) without the xna engine wasting most of your resources or ever other stuff of the game.

But on what it can benefit you?
Well,it can make you get some friendship with your partners by feeding them propperly,or even check up the party status,chatting with other players(if you are on a server),your own market opened on town with your own stuffs being sold,set a group of monsters to go level up on some field while you are afk,tell your partners to gather items while you craft other stuffs,or etc.

For example:.You want to play a game,what ever game you want,but you must craft...For example...5 Apple Pies,you can turn on compact mode,then task it to craft the 5 Apple Pies while you play the game you were wanting to.

And no,this does not means that you must have TNR open 24/7 on your pc,you may leave it open whenever you want,you can even close the game.

Well,this is my idea for the compact mode,but what cool features you guys would like to see on TNR compact mode?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Performance news,finishing interface,and smarter quest objective finder

Well,i made some cool stuff on the game.
I am running at the moment,a 3d game that is kinda average to the pc,while i debug the game.
The fps kept on 60,but the dialogues of the game had a small delay to load.

Ah,and a thing,threaded stuffs like dialogues will have a small delay to load if it's having lag.
I try to wonder what effect it may have on battle mode,but if it slowdown the battle,i think i know how i'll fix this issue.

By the way.i made the quest searching a bit more direct,using lists again,instead of making a lot of stuff to see which maps are suitable,and giving 3 tries of finding the map,the list will gather all suitable maps,and then will get a random map on the list of capable maps,but there is a thing,if there is no capable map,it will return to the current map that the player is at.

Ah,and another thing,i'm finishing up the interface of the game,i am trying to make the menus be less pokémon like,to make it more....RPGish,if you understand.
Also,i made the windows change their color like the "now loading" image,that appear when opening dialogue,or when the game tries to make up some random quest.

Here is a little teaser of my current progress,don't mind the color,it keeps changing,but i'm too lazy to take another photo without it open.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

More news about Npcs and features

Well,i started working today,on a system that will save all the npcs in the world,to make them get scaled their levels according to their victories and defeats.
If everything goes well,you may even be able to call some npcs to party with later.
But at the moment,let's discuss some AI things.

NPCs now,at least the Weapon and Armor sellers of Piatuba,can only sell stuffs for you from 9 am to 9 pm,
because they also wan't to sleep and stuff.
Later,they will have an Path Finding AI to go to the place they wan't,for example,at 9 pm go to the chair,sit down a bit,and at 10pm go to the bed,to sleep.
Beside that news be bad,i plan on adding a nocturnal vendor on every town,they sell completelly,or half different stuffs,but also,their break time will be at day,instead of night.Are they bats?I don't know,but it's a good idea.

By the way,here's the photo of Amanda and Rogério Vasconcelos sleeping on bed.
Ah,their eyes does not close when sleeping,i'm thinking on a way of making they show their eyes closed.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sleepy News : Bedtime Tales

Good night everyone(beside being 14:55 here).
Well,everyone know that something everyone deserves is a good night of sleep,right?
That's why i added a function to the beds,as well.
When sleeping at the bed,beside your character sometimes change it's direction(like if were sleeping),
his partners recover their health,and when the health is full,they get some extra exp through sleeping.
Also,your tamer get some exp too through sleeping,but don't be so lazy.
I plan on adding buffs and debuffs for sleeping,like for example...
If you sleep for sometime until all partners are healed,all the team gets a buff of well slept.
But if stay so much time on the bed...They may get the debuff Lazyness.
Beside the eyes being shown opened,and the bug on Rocko's health,he is sleeping,and will only stop sleeping once i make him leave the bed,but not right now,it's the ciesta time.
See ya later.
Also,Beds will be utile for recovering the monsters from getting fatigued,since they can sleep too,but i still have to wonder how it will work,but by the way,the system needs to be made too.