Monday, June 10, 2013

Performance news,finishing interface,and smarter quest objective finder

Well,i made some cool stuff on the game.
I am running at the moment,a 3d game that is kinda average to the pc,while i debug the game.
The fps kept on 60,but the dialogues of the game had a small delay to load.

Ah,and a thing,threaded stuffs like dialogues will have a small delay to load if it's having lag.
I try to wonder what effect it may have on battle mode,but if it slowdown the battle,i think i know how i'll fix this issue.

By the way.i made the quest searching a bit more direct,using lists again,instead of making a lot of stuff to see which maps are suitable,and giving 3 tries of finding the map,the list will gather all suitable maps,and then will get a random map on the list of capable maps,but there is a thing,if there is no capable map,it will return to the current map that the player is at.

Ah,and another thing,i'm finishing up the interface of the game,i am trying to make the menus be less pokémon like,to make it more....RPGish,if you understand.
Also,i made the windows change their color like the "now loading" image,that appear when opening dialogue,or when the game tries to make up some random quest.

Here is a little teaser of my current progress,don't mind the color,it keeps changing,but i'm too lazy to take another photo without it open.

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